June  2, 2023


Parenting guidelines are of vital importance within family nuclei since they are guides that guide us in socio-emotional development during the different stages of childhood. It is important to remember that no parent is perfect, but it is necessary to have clear and forceful thoughts. about what we want our children to learn.
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00:00:00 - Tyler, Domestic Violence and Courage Health Problem.

00:00:04 - Author, Walton.

00:00:06 - The article is sex to study and systematize the different factors of intra-family violence as a courage health problem with society.

00:00:17 - Focus on the context where guidelines are proposed to prevent the phenomenon.

with the artilque, the cave theme for art.

1. I'll talk intrafamily violence has been studied and systematized from different aspects.

00:00:39 - It is still not possible to indicate with exact that how much it affects the physical.

physical, social, and half of a person.

00:00:57 - Two, the different investigations and approach to this subject lack interdisciplinary work to the outlet to guide more is that regarding the arts in which violence affects people 3. Domestic violence is chung health and the deepens, a love and socio-cultural context, lifestyle, religious beliefs and so on. 4. The consent and inter-familary violence comes in a person into family-like nucleus, can often present its effects later, but they are cycles of the negative behavior.

5. There are several typical domestic violence that they often simply are physical or economic of violence.

00:02:18 - And my opinion, the colleagues are for my turn that the Arctic province is essential to that.

00:02:27 - We are ruled and identify some factors and likewise recognize the problem, the same article, that the shears lacks information of their profession and can be complemented and actually one of our favorite and most complemented studies on the subject.

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