Septiembre  29, 2022

Episode 14: EJERCICIO VIRTUAL - Explorando tu potencial

EJERCICIO VIRTUAL - Explorando tu potencial
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Episode cover: EJERCICIO VIRTUAL - Explorando tu potencial

00:00:00 - God bless you.

00:00:30 - God bless you.

00:01:00 - Stay in the field of play with a resourceful experience, something positive that you have achieved in your life.

00:01:17 - Where are you located?

00:01:22 - In the past?

00:01:24 - In the past?

00:01:26 - Remembering the experience?

00:01:30 - Or is it a situation of the present?

00:01:42 - Who is there with you?

00:01:46 - Is there someone else in your experience?

00:02:00 - You are fully in your position, in the yo.

00:02:06 - You are observing yourself and the other involved.

00:02:13 - You are very close to the others.

00:02:21 - They influence you particularly, the other involved in the experience.

00:02:30 - Visit each of the positions, others, observer, I.

00:02:48 - What is your perception in each of them?

00:02:53 - What is your perception in each of them?

00:02:58 - What do you feel?

00:03:03 - Where do you feel it in your body?

00:03:09 - Do you allow that energy that you feel to flow and expand?

00:03:23 - Do you allow that energy to flow and expand?

00:03:30 - What new perceptions do you have from the various temporal frames?

00:03:36 - Present, past and future.

00:03:40 - And the different perceptive positions?

00:03:44 - I, observer, other.

00:03:51 - If you started from an external position,

00:03:53 - If you started from an external position, or from an experience of the past, how do you perceive this in the present, or from the future?

00:04:16 - How do you perceive it from the others of the present, or those other that you expect, are with you in the future.

00:04:39 - From the observer, how do you perceive evolution through time, your resources and the relationship that you keep in the self and the others?

00:05:11 - Back to the present self with all those new perceptions and distinctions.

00:05:20 - What is the balance of that resource experience?

00:05:26 - How does it enrich your experience?

00:05:44 - How do you fully experience the experience of a self with greater resources, in what position do you experience the experience of that self with greater intensity?

00:05:58 - In the self or in the observer?

00:06:20 - With your intention deposited on your attention in the body and where you feel the sensation of that energy that flows, allows any possible blockage or resistance to be loosened to experience it, so that it flows to all the areas of your body until you experience a peak of pleasant sensations in your body.

00:06:50 - All of it.

00:06:52 - Conclusion

00:06:53 - You convinced it and your mind to look ahead

00:06:58 - And you became a first-generation seeking the steps to dance and be incorporated into it.

00:07:04 - And on the surface you are young or read

00:07:06 - I was born yourself red or white with constant realization of yourself the cetera burning

00:07:20 - God bless you.

00:07:50 - God bless you.

00:08:20 - God bless you.

00:08:50 - God bless you.

00:09:20 - God bless you.

00:09:50 - God bless you.

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