Octubre  25, 2021

Episode 4: Capítulo S02. E02.1Vida Moderna Pt 2

La continuación de nuestra divagación sobre la evolución de la vida.
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00:00:30 - I'm not sure if I'm getting too technical, but I'm just interested that we don't create confusion because, for example, what you just said is dangerous, that you say, oh, if I'm hungry I can steal an ox, no, wait a minute because then we're going to have people who will want to steal an ox because we said here that nothing happens, no, no, no there are certain budgets that must be met, I mean, there you go, I don't think it's important, but you know precisely why I want to explain it, there is a figure that is known as unimputability which means that it is the lack of capacity of a person to be imputed of a crime, said in a more colloquial way when, well, you don't cover your profile so they can put you in jail, let's say it that way in the case of the family robbery, which is one of the causes of unimputability, there must be certain requirements one, that what you have stolen is the basic and essential that you need to eat and not starve

00:01:37 - I mean, if you come and steal two beers, or a carton of beers, or some potatoes, and a chesco, well, no, no, wait a minute

00:01:46 - I mean, that's not a food issue, dude there you are completing a robbery there it is a robbery as such, dude now, another one, you have to prove that you don't have the way to legally make a living

00:02:03 - I mean, you don't have a way to get food to your people, you know what I mean?

and in that situation you would have to prove, dude, an issue of extreme poverty

00:02:16 - I don't have a job for three months, I don't get money from anywhere, and I have to feed my family that's why I stole these two tuna and some cookies so that I can fuck his mother and put her to work but how is the process, dude?

the police arrives obviously they are going to catch you and they are going to climb you

00:02:36 - I mean, yes, there is a consequence yes, of course and that's what I mean it's not a consequence, it's a part of the process the consequence would be that they would condemn you and give you a sentence so, if you steal food, they are going to catch you but if they see you with good clothes, they are going to tell you to go upstairs that in the end, since it is not a serious crime, as long as there has not been violence this is very important as long as there has not been violence then they have to present you to a public prosecutor you have to sign an investigation form everything is fine but, going back to the subject, you talk about corruption and I fall again to the same thing who generates the corruption?

well, I don't know if to tell you the people or to tell you the same government no, no, no look, that's why I have so much anger with the fucking Ihorate who is in the national palace that according to him leave the cotton head in peace and it was his speech, his fucking speech all his 18 years of campaign and well, the last months of campaign he had before winning the presidency he said that, right?

is that corruption ends from top to bottom as if you were sweeping the stairs no sir because corruption does not come from top to bottom corruption comes from bottom to top so, from there, the issue of corruption we generate it ourselves in what sense?

well, you know what?

traffic has stopped it's easier to get out of those things and that's why you don't measure if you have a capacity that's why I go if today you have the capacity to say

00:04:25 - I earn 2,000 pesos a week and I go to a party and you calculate, if the bull grabs you you say, no, 1,000 to the party and 1,000 to the guy who grabs me it's already 2,000 and I already got it are you going to understand me?

yes, I explain you it's clear that suddenly it's easier to be corrupt than to be correct but if we see it in the long run really, what is coming out more expensive?

so what are we missing?

culture we are missing culture in a lot of ways we are missing a culture of denunciation that we don't have that we would return to the point of fear yes and no everything starts at home everything starts at home and as long as there are only a few there are lost that we believe in this issue of culture of denunciation this thing is not going to improve that's why I've always said this issue of changing the culture that we have as a society is a plan in the medium or long term we, right now we are like 30 years old we are not going to be able to change it we, no at a macro level, no we are not going to achieve it because it is very impregnated all our society this issue of corruption so how are you going to achieve it?

first you have to create people that have a culture of denunciation that knows the means to denounce that knows what is allowed and what is not allowed did you understand me?

00:06:05 - I need the seeds to achieve this

00:06:07 - I know it sounds very utopian

00:06:09 - I believe that the head of the cotton is not wrong at the moment of saying that it goes from top to bottom

00:06:19 - I don't think corruption is wrong why?

because if the one I'm going to extort

00:06:25 - I don't know how to let extort and it was a general area if I said that the traffic that stopped me is not going to accept the thousand pesos but the traffic that stopped me is the same traffic that is not going to stop another person and is going to get violent or defrauded by the person for a thousand pesos then I would agree how to encourage then from above and then that guy has to give a slap, do you agree?

because he has to give a code and say let this bastard go, but he gave me a thousand pesos there you go 500 and so this type of situation is escalating we have to live something like this so if the person you have above me is a person who can be extorted with 500, with a thousand pesos with two thousand pesos we aspire to get to that point of having the thousand, two thousand pesos to know that you can be corrupt so the person who is above look, yes and no here is a topic that has become popular culture that we say all Mexicans have a price maybe you offer 500 to the tamarind if the tamarind is a person of values he's going to send you the chinga and he's going to raise your fine if he doesn't stop you for wanting to fall in a cohecho but if we go to a more personal topic what happens if maybe this transit that is stopping you that is wanting to infringe for some situation they are in a bad streak and I would bring you a piece of wool and you offer it maybe he will see the opportunity remember that the occasion is always a joke so the way this is ending comes from below does not come from above the one above is going to ask he's always going to ask because he's in a position to ask but if you don't give it if you say if I don't give you money it's going to take a year

00:08:43 - I'm not going to give you money and if we all do it what do you think is going to happen they're going to stop asking because they already know that people are not going to give them and that's why I insist the corruption ends from bottom to top it's a mutual collaboration but we go back to the same law of supply over demand

00:09:11 - I do believe that the person you have to hire within the government must be a person able to know morally right how can you determine it

00:09:23 - I don't know you can't because at the end of the day everybody lies everybody lies let's suppose for example you offer a service here imagine

00:09:41 - I don't want it but imagine that a week passes and you don't get any client what's going to happen what are you going to do

00:09:55 - I'm going to become a prostitute you're going to stop doing what you're doing and you're going to start doing something else because you need to fix your house the same thing happens if people stop offering money to streamline things or to solve problems eventually the one who was used to asking is going to stop doing it because he knows they're not going to give him but it's very cool it sounds very utopian but it's not impossible

00:10:29 - I repeat, it's not impossible if you educate your son so that he never gives money so that someone does his job for which they already pay him your son is not going to give money to a police officer for doing his job your son is not going to give money to a transit for doing his job your son is not going to give money to a police officer for doing his job if you explain me if we raise our children to understand this thin line that there is between it is that I urge and he is not well that this asshole on purpose the process because I did not give him money if you explain me that this happens of course that's exactly the point

00:11:17 - I'm trying to get my way

00:11:23 - I prefer to wait a year for my procedure to come out so that you continue feeding the ribs of the people and here goes another piece the bureaucracy is a mockery and why is it a mockery?

the point where you go is because we allow it but it's a mockery but it's a mockery is that one allows it and even rewards it why?

because the guy who arrives in transit to release money so that they do not do the exam so that they release the license makes all the procedures of the others get in the way because obviously who is going to tell you to take an additional money of 4 or 5 thousand pesos a week but wait sir

00:12:13 - I already give you money through my taxes that pay your salary and you have to do your job according to law and we are talking about the government but you realize that they do almost everything

00:12:25 - I have the gas tank here and to return to the subject

00:12:31 - I go

00:12:33 - I prefer

00:12:35 - I go you have to investigate that about the gas band

00:12:41 - I go and with 400 pesos

00:12:45 - I gave 31 liters to the tank and how much does the tank cost you?


00:12:51 - I know where you're going there is a corruption issue but it's not the fault of the guy who comes and puts the cylinder right now this issue of gas was very fashionable because this asshole also wants to put a government company but it's not going to work because you can't raise a company that needs such a bad logistics like distributing gas in three months but well we are not going to get into that the issue is that for example and this part I did not know that the guys who come to your house to load the cylinder and install it in your house they win by commission they win a commission for each tank they sell and they make a joke what they win in commission and that gives them a chance about 5 pesos wait to what I'm going let's go back to the same when you bought the cylinder did you ever validate it?

did you verify it?

you have a scale to weigh your cylinder but

00:14:09 - I read the offer about the lawsuit when someone sells you something and you buy it that person will continue to sell it because you keep buying it if you stop buying or will stop selling because it is no longer sold in the issue of corruption it's the same but now look

00:14:33 - I stopped trusting the guys who sell the gas tank because once it took me more or less a month and at the time of the lawsuits it only lasted 15 days and fortunately Lorena saves all the tickets and saves all the things and we talk to them how is it possible for a new tank to come and tell me that it lasted 15 days when the consumption is still the same you realize the person was verified that it did last half the estimated time and he told me what we are going to do is

00:15:09 - I'm going to put a new tank and I'm going to charge you half the tank what did he want to make me understand with this?

one, that if things are bad and that if there is corruption

00:15:19 - I said the same that they sell me at $ 700

00:15:25 - I go with $ 400 and fill it and it lasts the same yes, I agree but it does make me very bad that we blame a single monkey when it is a whole chain the guy who comes and gives you the cylinder is not the one who fills it there they load the truck and go to distribute but I have seen videos

00:15:49 - I do not know if they are real if there are cases

00:15:53 - I think it is even less technical sometimes they come and change the cylinder in their houses and they put a new one and they put these brands that have a plastic tank that with a hot gun is already sealed they put a new tank in their house and they fill it and that's what they charge you it is clear to me but I go back to the same

00:16:23 - I am very repetitive with this topic the cause and the solution of the problems of our society is to be at home hire Alejandro as a lawyer because now let's go back to the topic let's go back to the topic but the point is that we are modern life how is it loading us today well the weather does not suit us nor the money nor the money and we waste a lot of time working to earn money that we do not enjoy because we do not give up and because we have to keep working the new vicious circle has turned and the new crickets of society our health is being affected for his fucking mother bad bad bad why?

because the quality of food is not the same as before because we do not demand so much quality because we go more for the price than for the quality as we go to the race suddenly there is no time to cook a delicious meal or if you are like me that I shit loading molds you do not take lunch to work and you are eating any bullshit that you find on the street then that obviously damages your health and the body is going to pass us invoices

00:17:55 - I think that to a certain extent this type of pressure that we are carrying in life so that we see it as a guy

00:18:05 - I feel that if there is a super big head somewhere on this earth that must be pressing capitalism so that this continues to work if he wants it because I put it this way

00:18:19 - I do not want to see myself as the person that the government controls us but there is something else because how is it possible that a person works 10 hours 12 hours in a job and in theory you would have to reach to sustain yourself well and eat well and it is not happening what would we have to demand or what do we have to demand for this to be a reality realize an example, I have cousins who work in a pastry shop and they are fighting that they give them insurance

00:18:51 - I mean, I think they should not even fight it's because of him no, because it is a law but we return to that we do not even know where to go yes, well, all that piece

00:19:05 - I prefer to be comfortable here and not ask so much to fuck him and the leftovers of being in a place where let's see if that money will come to you then the reality is that the change is not going to be achieved individually no social change is achieved individually none of the places where I have worked talking about what was the base point the food where I worked, the baguettes arrived in the cinema, the baguettes arrived by 3 meters wide they were broomsticks and those you put them in the oven and they inflate but the bread comes frozen

00:19:49 - God knows when they have done it and how they have done it and why they have done it then we eat bread that we do not know who touched if he touched it or why he touched it and already inside the oven it heats up, it inflates and it is done and then it lets open for a moment and it is the one you use the next day everything goes through that process

00:20:09 - McDonald's here I have a client who works for

00:20:15 - I think it's pacific star already giving marks everywhere and they do not pay us the hamburger meat arrives that we do not know if it is beef hamburger or some other mythological being or rodents or rodents and you say, no way and they are stones they are rubber, they are plastic and they go through a process of heating or frying and it's already meat an example, the guys from Carl's Jr.

who sell you Angus or McDonald's that obviously it's not meat or Kobe

00:20:55 - I do not remember that in the United States they made a demonstration

00:20:59 - Kobe or Kosher which is Japanese meat which is super marbled but it's meat that went through a process for the process that obtains paint that has added and that will never be a good product and we go back at what time do people take the time to choose the good meat in the butcher shop make the wheels for the hamburger to this topic as everyone is in a hurry as I do not have time to sit down to eat

00:21:41 - I need you to feed me with something that does not take time that's where the fast food comes from and then another thing you say to the butcher shop to see a good meat and they have already told me butchers and people who are dedicated to cattle they still put clenbuterol to the animals why does this happen?

because the demand for supplies is getting bigger and the capacity of the producers to supply is not the same but imagine everything that involves health issues but at the end of the day again, we profit all this a friend who is a veterinarian told me that if we consume clenbuterol to get breastfed that in some way it is possible that you consume clenbuterol it must be 30 ml that is, not even the gram the gram is divided into micrograms and 30 of that per day if you consume it super ultra mega because otherwise and I don't know how much brain you have left

00:22:57 - Organic failure

00:22:59 - So imagine, but the cows get beaten up and all the fat gets eliminated so they become muscles and make them grow and they become stronger

00:23:11 - Has this problem already happened?

00:23:13 - Yes, it's a big scandal, the Clambuterol and I don't know how many lots of meat that had to be thrown away because they were loaded with this substance but at the end of the day everything falls in a matter of supply over demand the more the demand increases you have to the people who are dedicated to sell cattle are not going to starve because you have to wait I don't know how many years for the cow to be complete

00:23:51 - I apologize, I'm not a cattle farmer

00:23:53 - I don't know but at the end of the day it's a process for a cow to get to the point where it can be sacrificed and sold as meat and it's sold per kilo not per piece so you sell it per kilo and obviously the heavier the animal is, the more money it represents for the cattle farmer and that money how much does a single cow feed in how many parts the profit is divided how many people does it have to give how much food do you have to give to the animal because a cow fed with pure cattle is worth a lot but then what do we call it?


00:24:39 - I think we were saying at the beginning that calling it modern we will no longer hear old if we call it modern to consume products that are killing us

00:24:51 - I don't think it's the right thing to call it modern we are taking a life that is too rushed with too many bad circumstances that are forcing us to kill ourselves it's very funny how it seems that we are in a hurry to die

00:25:13 - I don't know actually we are in a hurry to die oh god better take me and he's pissed because the other day

00:25:29 - I heard a sentence that took my breath away the man loses his health looking for money and when he has the money he loses it for looking for his health

00:25:41 - I don't know

00:25:43 - I don't know

00:25:45 - I don't know but the social dynamics is a fly that if you don't catch up with the rhythm it takes you out where to live how many people can say

00:26:03 - I'm going to a farm and I live from what I harvest and what I raised from cattle we are so globalized and we need so much from everyone you can't you can't in the United States his house turned into a fucking vegan place and made his community have an example that you had corn that another person had strawberries and he tried to make things self-sustainable the colony is somehow self-sustainable in certain things the toilet paper was made through noble leaves and they clean themselves with noble leaves of I don't know what they try to save water that part is very cool and I know it's not impossible but apart but apart take a life like this let everything be according to the community that you say

00:27:03 - I'm going to put a little garden in my house and I'm going to harvest my vegetables how long does it take you?

it's a lot if I wanted to say

00:27:17 - I'm going to put a garden in my house and I'm going to harvest my corn my tomatoes they are perennial things you can do the harvest of the year but it won't last a year

00:27:29 - I agree with that you won't have tomatoes that will last you a week and to harvest them you lasted 2 or 3 months that's the problem and I understand capitalism on that side but what I'm saying is that we are seeing that it is already modern to make the colony self-sustainable in some way that is already aspirational yes and it's cool to do the normal and it happens very funny life is cycles it's cyclical if you want to see it like a circle in a vertical position you get to the highest point of the circle and suddenly you go down back and life itself is the same and we go through the same and we are like going around but each round more adorned than the other so there is no point in fast food for example we are talking about that now people don't consume fast food or look for if they sell you something this is organic and they sell it to you like the pearls of the virgin the eggs of king kong and they sell it to you very expensive because it says it's organic you have no idea what it means and it's good

00:28:59 - I go and I pay it wait you don't die how can you determine that the tomato they are selling you is really organic that it was not modified that it does not bring a pesticide issue of nutrients to overgrow so we fall a lot in this part and it's cool that we started to look for this issue of self-sustainability but you can't achieve

00:29:27 - I love every fucking chapter the education the reality is that we are not even able to separate our fucking garbage there is no culture of recycling and what good is it for you to say

00:29:47 - I'm going to separate if the garbage truck is going to stir it while we don't have this generalized awareness that the way to stop polluting so much is through the separation of waste there is the guy who did through plastic using oil and then gasoline yes and they killed him beware of the system wait what happened to the guy who managed to create a vehicle an engine that works with water it's not even water because it's not water it's very cool yes, it is very clear the reality is that we can spend 4 hours talking about this 20, 10, 1 year 3 years and we will not finish and we will always fall to the same the reality is that to create collective consciousness you have to start with one the own and then start to spread it that's how it works ideas spread but while we are still self-centered or in myself self-centered this will continue to be the same and we will complain about the same pains

00:31:15 - I remember that generations ago also had their pains and complained about other things and that's why just as we complain the generation of crystal for example the previous generation complained about us in the same way imagine

00:31:33 - I don't want to generate a big controversy but I do realize that we focus on stupid things because I think it's stupid it's stupid and instead of paying attention to important things how have they given so much importance to the girl who said

00:31:51 - I'm your partner instead of your partner it has become a mess the girl will have her reason and they only gave us the bad version of the story talking to another person made me see that there could be an antecedent and maybe they took her out and that caused what happened in the video so suppose it's bad but let's have the idea that maybe the girl the only thing she wanted was to be respected and the only thing the teacher cares about or the only thing the teacher has to care about is to learn the things that were being said in class if you want to say vote the girl what you want to say

00:32:35 - I think that was it the context here was how they presented it and the importance that has been given and the rain of shit that has rained on the girl and the one that will continue to fall look, I think and I go back to my topic of cycles the same thing happened in his time when women began to demand their right to vote and they were all condemned and stigmatized simply do you know why the 8th of March is commemorated?

the International Women's Day we have to give it to all the cavemen who congratulate women on Women's Day it's not a celebration, it's a commemoration how many were killed?

there was a commemoration

00:33:21 - I don't remember, I think it was in Chicago in a factory where the women who worked there worked in an extremely precarious situation there was a fire and a lot of women died in that situation due to the lack of decent working conditions and they didn't have it because they were women precisely so that's why that particular good because it detonated a whole social struggle in favor of women is that it is celebrated on March 8th as the International Women's Day here in Mexico even poems are made and women feel super empowered

00:34:03 - I'm going to tell you my experience last year it was my turn for work to attend the march that was here in Guadalajara on March 8th and suddenly you go like this what a march but they are already there the march and what can I say, it was very organized despite the amount of people it was divided in contingents and the first contingent that was the vanguard of the march was the contingent of victims' families and I swear

00:34:51 - I don't know how to express what it feels to see all that accumulated pain to feel it

00:34:59 - I swear that after that march the perception I had of feminist struggle changed radically radically because the reality is that

00:35:11 - I understand the struggle and they are in all their right they are not only right they are in all their right to manifest we can't be in peace when every day 8 or 9 women are not going to get to their house every day we can't be indolent before that fear and I was until I saw it there that I understood a lot of things

00:35:49 - I don't defend vandalism but sir from my perspective

00:35:59 - I don't want a monument standing while women are missing that's my comment and now we get into another topic and to close that you realize that a lot of girls are missing a lot of girls and that everything is because of a matter of white treatment that it is a situation for violations that go through the head of one and that the government is indolent to a certain extent and the people lack culture who generates this type of circumstances because today we have the necessary tool to know how things are done and where are the people and I assure you that if we put the batteries we know who is who really happens and we don't do it and I agree the indolent government it is very clear to me that it is indolent it is not the government who encourages what happens but it is the government who has in their hands the tools to mitigate it but it is not just a matter of government it is us there were some very interesting campaigns on networks it may seem that they are useless but there were many campaigns that have worked and one that I liked that said if you touch her, I'll break your mother and it was a campaign that invited men like this, you are having a violence issue against a woman, do something bastard that you don't care, get in defend her right now she is a stranger tomorrow she can be your sister, your mother your daughter that's what we have to get into our heads that right now she is someone I don't know but tomorrow she can be someone who does and that will hurt me and that I will feel impotent that I was not there to be able to help her and those who were, did not help her this is a very delicate issue very very delicate and what am I going to do?

at this point, when the police tell me because you talk to the gang and they tell you we would like to arrest all the criminals and drug dealers but we can't because there is this piece of the laws and those holes those lagoons lagoons where

00:38:41 - I don't know if they were called lagoons of total impunity and they know do you think the government and the police don't know who the bastards are who do so much shit and that they lend themselves to do so much shit obviously they know but these fucking legal lagoons that make it not comply with the law is where it sucks is where maybe

00:39:05 - I do not agree with the part and the rights and all those things go to hell you know that he is the one who is shitting and somehow you have very stupid evidence if you want but there the law is like this and that's where you say but unfortunately also and there is the other side of the coin because they have generated a lot of legislation on behalf of women they have created specialized prosecutor's offices on the subject of crimes against women rights of women all this subject that unfortunately there are also many women who misuse these resources

00:39:49 - I don't know if I explain myself there is the other side of the coin and I do not condemn anyone

00:39:55 - I am not against women but just as there are women who really need it there are others who use it simply because the boyfriend finished them because I have seen many cases that the boyfriend finishes them and they harass him for rape they are two sides of the spectrum but in the end the raw truth the reality is that we are missing 9 women a day let's change the subject but it should be noted that not a single woman should disappear and somehow we should think how to give a solution because we all have sisters, mothers, daughters it's not like we're alien and even if you didn't have them the part that I find very of this issue of feminist struggle and I didn't understand it until a friend who is very feminist but of these feminists non-radical she is not radical she is very feminist but it's not about being macho it's not about vandalizing she is more idealistic she sees the way to get to the point of the problem and she told me this and I said why are you afraid to go out?

00:41:21 - I'm not afraid and she said you are not afraid but you are not afraid because men are not killed for being men never forget this stupid argument not stupid but it doesn't match with the fight that more men die than women yes, but how many men die for being men you die maybe because of stress you commit suicide with drug trafficking but you know they killed a man because he was a man it doesn't happen however, the issue with women is that they are being killed for being women they are being killed for being something they didn't ask to be

00:42:15 - I don't know if you understand when you see it from this perspective you say, holy shit, this bitch with reason you don't want to go out

00:42:25 - I mean you make your best effort every day you go to school, you go to work you want to get better and all of this is caused by the fact that you are a woman and all women have gone through a little bit of violence minimal, a lot, a little, enough but all women have gone through a little bit of violence it's super normalized it's something historical, traditional and cultural that is starting to break with that but unfortunately I came as part of modern life that's why we are talking about this and I wanted to save this topic to talk about it on March 8 but the reality is that yes, the conversation led us to this but anyway modern life

00:43:17 - I don't know how we manage daily but modern life fast food fast phones smart phones and more and more stupid people excuse my expression it's a reality yes, modern life is nowadays

00:43:39 - I think you couldn't know it better with the fact that it's a way of saying, I want to die without meaning we are trivializing everything everything that had a lot of value we are making it trivial say interpersonal relationships sexism we are emptying things and filling them with unnecessary gadgets no one messes with my comics

00:44:15 - I didn't say that your comics didn't have sentimental value nowadays I have the ability to buy a comic before not that's also a point today we have a different ability to perceive money and before, why not?

00:44:35 - I don't think my dad would have wanted to buy something do you understand me?

and he didn't have the ability to have the money to give me the pleasure of buying a comic it's not much but he didn't have the ability do you understand me?

that part jumps me a lot before it was worth the money and how many pleasures did you have?

and nothing it's rare for people to say

00:45:03 - I had pleasures like this and also the pleasures before were different yes for example

00:45:13 - I remember the pleasures my dad had was to buy a cassette or a disc that was the pleasure my dad had every 15 days, every month he bought a cassette or a new disc and that was the pleasure my dad had it wasn't much but that was the pleasure maybe maybe you didn't realize that your dad had a pleasure because maybe he didn't express it or maybe it was a pleasure that he didn't have at home dad, if you're listening to this tell me that you got this far maybe your dad's pleasure was to go sit in a cafe one afternoon and no one was bothering him and he didn't say it so he couldn't it's one of the pleasures that suddenly hurts me and it's a pleasure and it's not expensive fortunately

00:46:13 - Starbucks is really cheap we're not going to score a goal because when I go to the cafe to relax

00:46:21 - I don't go to Starbucks the bar of the cafe

00:46:25 - I don't like the bar of the cafe why? I don't like it 2 for 1?

it's not about the money it's more about the space and the moments

00:46:37 - I have a lot of affection for the cafe that we never got to wait for that episode yes, wait for it we'll talk about it next year for example this Samborz that I like a lot

00:46:57 - I don't go because the coffee is good or not but because it has an emotional value for me because I've lived a lot of special moments there so it's a pleasure that suddenly hurts me or the simple fact of walking to the center that's something I like a lot

00:47:17 - I love it

00:47:19 - I like it but the thing is that the pleasures have evolved because maybe your dad didn't buy cars or Funkos or comics because it wasn't his taste or because there wasn't the demand of today

00:47:39 - I imagine that back then the comics didn't arrive to Mexico they did but it wasn't something like today nowadays they have a promotion in the movies and we weren't normalized the person who knew comics is because maybe at some point in his life he had gone to the United States and he had known the culture and it's curious because I want to highlight this a lot of people say that in Mexico there wasn't that culture, yes there was because there were the cowboys and Mimim Pigüin but it wasn't known as a comic but an example the United States gave permission for Marvel to be licensed in Mexico and I think also DC and here in Mexico it was the only place where Mary Jane and

00:48:23 - Spider-Man got married and that comic was super valued and if you got to get that comic just like the death of Superman the wedding of Mary Jane with Spider-Man but because it only happened here because in the United States the demand was every 15 days the comic and here the demand was every week so they reached them and they said no way, give us a chance to invent stories there are characters that never came out in the United States and here they broke and one of those things was my phone is dying that Mary Jane got married here so we left the topic modern life, we have to go back or are we leaving?

00:49:07 - I think we are leaving it smells like cow poop

00:49:11 - I love your finesse it smells like cow poop fortunately the people that listen to us if someone listens to us after this show he can't smell it it smells like a cow slaughterhouse and a cow breeding talking about but well then this has been our reflection of what we consider modern life that is full of problems already thinking about it yes, it has become a very problematic existence and less satisfactory and I think we have to work on that we have to start changing that situation because it's complicated we are ending up for free very ugly for free, ugly and without meaning we don't give meaning to death before you somehow to live in this world was to have a son write a book and plant a tree now you can do the three things and still you don't have meaning life demands you to give more and you still give more and no one will remember you it's going to be a very ugly problem we are ending up in a very ugly way but well, we don't want to bore you anymore

00:50:45 - I think this let's see who we invite to complement us there are those who want to write who want to help us with this beautiful topic of modern life without meaning

00:50:59 - I would title it like that a modern life without meaning will someone have the idea to leave a footprint?

will someone have the idea to leave a footprint?

what leaving a footprint implies who is responsible for your actions?

and who is responsible for your actions today?

but well we are going to say goodbye for today not without before making the musical recommendation of today

00:51:31 - I want to recommend a good

00:51:33 - NACA today but NACA people are going to ask where did you get that song from?

and you are going to put it how is it called?

00:51:47 - I can't put it on the show but on the spotify list yes but it's very NACA so what?

a poor boy it's very NACA it has to do with poverty and modern life you said yes we are going to put it ok it came out very NACA because it's the accordion song do you have an accordion song?

00:52:21 - I don't know

00:52:23 - I could think of the one from 2000 from natalia documento ok it talks a lot it talks more about modern life but well there are the musical recommendations of this show don't hate me for listening to a NACA song throw all the shit you can on social media that's Alberto Callejas very good thank you very much for putting up with us with our digressions as always on this show and we are waiting for you next time in this space negro de caballeros negro de caballeros negro de caballeros negro de caballeros

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