Noviembre  14, 2021

Episode 7: Capítulo 2. Vida Moderna Pt3.2

Y sigue la mata dando, Alberto resultó ser el grinch!
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00:00:30 - I´m starting from a premise, proposed by Parmenides, a Greek

00:00:46 - What Parmenides mentioned is that ex philo phili et nothing apart from nothing, everything has an origin here what you are proposing, and I refer to another philosopher, Sazur that he talks about language, the subject of language, language constitutes us as human beings and as a society what he proposes is that there are figures to whom we attribute a meaning in this sense, the meaning of Christmas was what you proposed a while ago this journey of Jesus and Mary and

00:01:32 - José, the donkey and the angel and the flowers and all those bullshits and Herod splitting his mother to the newborns that is the original meaning, however, the human being through language has been giving it another meaning, another meaning in which it no longer represents what it originally represented but in a subjective way, and now in a social way, intersubjectively the meaning is no longer original, the signifier is what changes the signifier would be the intersubjectivity of society who attributes new values that don´t necessarily include the original value or the original premise from which it starts what Mauricio wanted to say but now he´s defining what value is there you go, what Mau wanted to say in simpler words is that the festivity adapts to the uses and customs without losing its meaning as such and then you lose it when you don´t do what it originally meant the meaning is one, the original concept wait a minute, are you sure about what happened with Mary and José?

no, we´re just saying what we think so what I´m saying is that the original meaning is one the signifier that the population and human beings attribute to that meaning will vary depending on the culture how I value it, how I live it, how I express it exactly, so when the signifier represents for Alejandro this union, this day of family union the signifier can be very varied for other people depending on their own subjectivity and that doesn´t take away validity or value but it´s not culture of course it´s culture, of course it is it´s culture because the bulk of the population shares that same custom but it´s not the same for everyone at the end of the day, the custom is the sum of the cultures sorry, it´s the sum of the customs of the population that integrate that same culture but it´s not the same for everyone how did you want me to record this?

well, Christmas is a disgust for you in that sense I agree with you that it doesn´t necessarily have to exist why does it have to exist a day in which we are all aware that we have to be kind, grateful because being Ned Flanders all year long tires you exactly and it´s boring but if we had a conception that every day, so to speak every day, if it was Christmas we would be kind and grateful all year long you wouldn´t necessarily need a day that reminds you of it but remember that society is always cyclical it´s always cyclical you get to a pinnacle and you feel it and it´s not Christmas you do it every day, you do it every week you do it every month, you do it every year that´s how it is so we need the ups and downs to feel in some way in control what the fuck man

00:04:52 - I think it´s a bit hypocritical that you choose exactly one date to do everything you didn´t do all year well that´s the perception you have of everyone else and you talk about the experience you´ve had but that´s what happens all year

00:05:12 - I agree

00:05:14 - I agree that there are a lot of people people stop being hypocrites one day in particular

00:05:20 - I agree but that doesn´t take away their validity the intrinsic value that Christmas has

00:05:28 - I can´t deny that and that´s precisely why these kinds of festivities are set up it´s like the New Year what the New Year represents in its significance for each person is to start over even though the New Year isn´t really more than a walk in the park of course, but at the end of the day the meaning that is being given is that of renewal and it´s important everyone has their own rite of renewal everyone on the inside has a rite of renewal so subjectively it serves you to delimit one before and one after although objectively it doesn´t because it´s just that the Earth went around the Sun in a relativistic way like Einstein suggested the Sun is also revolving around the galaxy and the galaxy around other galaxies and we celebrate the year of the- the galactic year here the point is that

00:06:28 - I could get into this point of debate

00:06:30 - I´m going to speak for myself and even for myself

00:06:34 - I realize that at the beginning what we are celebrating is something of which we really wouldn´t have anything to say one, because Jesus wasn´t born there or Saturnalia, I don´t know how many other things were involved, I´m speaking from my perspective, and what we were talking about 24 minutes ago knowledge made me realize that we don´t have the need to be hypocrites one day and now, if people had the opportunity to realize that what they are celebrating is part of a principle of two books that they have to be forced to be able to read and they don´t so yes, culture is what everyone does, and what we all do but it doesn´t have to even what he just said that it has to be good, man but it doesn´t have to be bad either okay, but do you realize that if people somehow knew that this has nothing to do with us then that´s it and we can all be happy but why doesn´t it have anything to do with us?

because it isn´t us

00:07:36 - Jesus isn´t from Azteca

00:07:38 - I know it doesn´t so what are you celebrating at Christmas?

can you celebrate with your family?

hold on hold on

00:07:48 - I´m going to kill you in your language if you are celebrating with your family on the 24th and 25th without celebrating the birth of Jesus we are starting to have a serious problem because that´s the problem wait, man quickly, man you´re a fan of Batman right?

but let´s go from Mexico also

00:08:16 - May 4th what?

the Jedi day

00:08:22 - May 4th but that´s what I´m going for how relevant can it be where does a tradition come from?

what I see relevant about a tradition is how you live it regardless

00:08:38 - I don´t know what the Jedi day is and if I don´t celebrate it

00:08:42 - I´m a bad fan of Batman he´s a bad guy so if you celebrate Christmas and you don´t celebrate the birth of Jesus like you´re talking about religion you´re a bad believer what I´m going for is this what difference does it make how you enjoy wait how you enjoy what difference does it make how you enjoy a festivity man where does it come from one thing is to know the origin that´s why so that any day is good one thing is to know the origin and another thing is to be bitter because it´s from Mexico do you agree then that I should know the history look, everyone should know everyone should know the history because the people that don´t know their history are going to repeat it so if I realize that Christmas isn´t from Mexico not because Batman isn´t either

00:09:44 - I realize that I´m celebrating something that has nothing to do with it and that I can celebrate another day that´s what we were saying the day of grace doesn´t have to be

00:09:54 - December 25th my nose hurts when its cold that´s what happened to me and all of Mexico has to suffer

00:10:04 - I´d like Mexico and all of Mexico to realize what I understand what you´re saying is that it shouldn´t necessarily be that on a specific date everyone shares that value that promotes

00:10:20 - December 25th, Christmas that it is only practiced and celebrated that day that the value of Christmas has a subjective value very good that it promotes the values of family of coexistence of love, of friendship everything you want but why does it necessarily have to be celebrated only one day, when if we were aware that it doesn´t necessarily have to be like that we could do it all year long in that part I agree what I ask is what hurts you that there is a designated day it doesn´t hurt me it makes me very stupid that people think that they are celebrating something hypocritical well, for you it is hypocritical and for whom is it hypocritical?

00:11:08 - I go back to the same thing everyone talks how they feel

00:11:12 - I think people know very well that they don´t know us and it depends a lot on everyone the letter is very deep people know that it was a shit

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