Marzo  6, 2023

Episode 3: Capítulo 03. S04. Día Internacional de la Mujer Pt.1

En Negro de caballeros reconocemos, respetamos, admiramos y acompañamos en ideología a todas las mujeres en el marco de la conmemoración del Día Internacional de las Mujeres.
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00:06:28 - Today, the ones who proliferate the most in sexism are women.

00:06:35 - Yes.

00:06:35 - But why do you think that's the point?

00:06:37 - What do you think is the reason that a woman incites sexism?

00:06:42 - Because if we are trying to eradicate it in some way, speaking in general, not you, how do you want to remove it if you don't?

00:06:52 - I think if we did an analysis of the women who still have that upbringing, they are already much older women.

00:06:59 - Maybe I could tell you that my generation doesn't.

00:07:02 - But yes, a little older generations, because they come very mentalized to that.

00:07:09 - They were taught, you go to the kitchen, you just to have children, and that's what you came to the world for.

00:07:18 - So they really grew up so much and they go like horses around the world.

00:07:22 - They go like this.

00:07:24 - And of course they judge the woman who is free.

00:07:27 - Yes.

00:07:27 - So I think that beyond that, hey, they were educated so that you cook, you do this, you do that.

00:07:34 - I think it goes even a little further.

00:07:36 - Because there are many families who come from a topic of closet sexism.

00:07:42 - Yes.

00:07:43 - I call it closet sexism because they were families in which the father was not openly sexist.

00:07:49 - However, there have always been predominantly sexist behaviors, right?

00:07:54 - And we commented on it in the previous program, Alberto said that even in today's generations of women, there is still this assignment of gender roles.

00:08:04 - Yes.

00:08:05 - And many times they do it even unconsciously, right?

00:08:07 - I told him that my wife suddenly is like, oh well, things to fix, they touch the husband.

00:08:15 - Things to load, things like that, they touch the husband.

00:08:18 - So in some way there is still that micro-machismo.

00:08:22 - For the same reason of society, right?

00:08:24 - But I think that sometimes my accounts are given, right?

00:08:26 - I mean, it's already like, oh, I don't know how to fix a water pipe, which the husband assumes intrinsically.

00:08:37 - That the man knows it.

00:08:39 - That there are activities, exactly, that there are activities that are already determined for each gender.

00:08:43 - And there, I think that's what you have to start attacking.

00:08:47 - But you will agree, or well, you will agree that we are a bridge generation.

00:08:51 - Where, an example, in my house, still my mom, my mom and my dad were like, dude, you have to know how to use tweezers.

00:08:59 - You have to know how to use a screwdriver.

00:09:01 - You have to know what the coupler is called, tube, elbow.

00:09:04 - Mechanics, yes, because there was no car, dude.

00:09:08 - I mean, how to change a tire, that kind of thing.

00:09:11 - But we are a bridge generation.

00:09:13 - I mean, where maybe we are trying for the woman to be literally a being and not someone different.

00:09:20 - Oh, no, I mean, when we catalog that kind of thing, that's when the clash begins, right?

00:09:26 - Where there is a clash, where it is that I am equal to you.

00:09:28 - Well, no, well, but we could.

00:09:33 - And that's what we were talking about the other day, right?

00:09:35 - Because I think it is also important to differentiate between equality and equity.

00:09:39 - Yes.

00:09:40 - And in this issue of gender equality, which I think is liked, what is pursued, many people confuse it, right?

00:09:48 - So there is this speech that women are equal to men.

00:09:52 - Excuse me.

00:09:53 - No, they are not.

00:09:54 - But we are not the same.

00:09:56 - Biologically, we are not.

00:09:58 - No.

00:09:59 - And there are tasks that are definitely very difficult to ask a woman.

00:10:02 - They are for you.

00:10:03 - By force.

00:10:04 - And vice versa.

00:10:05 - Exactly.

00:10:06 - Maybe we are a little more delicate about some things, some topics.

00:10:11 - You biologically have that strength.

00:10:14 - That is, the man develops more strength than a woman.

00:10:18 - So it is true, there are many things that a woman, no matter how much she wants to try or learn or do, well, she will not do it in the same way as a man.

00:10:26 - And also there comes the knowing how to ask for help, that is, as a woman, to say, hey, it is not difficult for me to ask you for help, man, and I will not be less of a woman.

00:10:34 - And I think that is a key point because it is where it crashes, right?

00:10:39 - That is the wave where everything impacts.

00:10:42 - When we confuse equality with equity is when this problem starts a lot.

00:10:46 - I mean, it is not the main problem, actually.

00:10:49 - I think that at this moment it would be the smallest of the two.

00:10:51 - It is the smallest of the worries.

00:10:53 - In the current moment, here in Mexico, the problem is that day by day there are ten women who are not going to give birth.

00:11:03 - Yes.

00:11:04 - Day by day.

00:11:05 - And simply because of the fact of being a woman.

00:11:07 - Yes, of course.

00:11:08 - That is where we have to lighten the fire.

00:11:10 - And that is why all this topic of March 8 is coming, the mega marches that there are, because it is an desperate cry of we need help.

00:11:20 - They are killing for being women.

00:11:22 - And that is something that men find it very difficult to understand because we do not live it.

00:11:28 - No, and it is that the woman must leave at two in the morning with the same ease as a man and without feeling any fear.

00:11:35 - And with the same safety.

00:11:36 - Yes, of course.

00:11:37 - I mean, she does not have to say, oh, hey, I can't go out.

00:11:39 - And all this anti-feminist discourse that there is, because there are both sides, right?

00:11:44 - There is the extremist wing of the feminists.

00:11:47 - That.

00:11:48 - And there is the extremist wing of the anti-feminists, right?

00:11:52 - That they do not understand that no, that is, no extreme is good, right?

00:11:56 - That is, you have to find this point intermediate of balance, which is what you should look for.

00:12:02 - Notice that, well, maybe I'm going to divert a little from the subject.

00:12:06 - Yesterday my daughter came from high school.

00:12:08 - No, well, that is, within the same.

00:12:10 - And he commented that there was a, they are, you see that they are building around the house.

00:12:13 - And he commented that a guy, well, if he was like that, like that of, hey, mommy, and that kind of thing.

00:12:19 - And I said, okay, I mean, and how did you feel it?

00:12:22 - Good, bad?

00:12:23 - He says, no, well, I felt bad.

00:12:25 - And it took me a lot of work to tell him, fucking, from now on it's going to be ugly, but, or you teach yourself to fuck up, to hold your hand, or to answer him, because that's how the gang is.

00:12:38 - I mean, I can't go with the guy and say, hey, dude, don't fuck with me.

00:12:41 - I mean, I can generate a quarrel, but I'm not going to be all my life.

00:12:46 - Well, there's going to be a point where maybe you're going to have to migrate to make a decision and the one you make is the right one for me.

00:12:52 - No, also what you do.

00:12:54 - But I also fell into something that you're going to tell me if it's good or bad.

00:12:58 - If it had been a handsome guy, well arranged, like that, put it that it comes and that she had all the perspective to see it.

00:13:06 - If I had said the same thing, I would have taken it wrong.

00:13:09 - Or well, that is, there is the point.

00:13:11 - I mean, who tells you things without why?

00:13:13 - You know what?

00:13:14 - I think that.

00:13:15 - This issue of saying yes or like the meme, no, if it's good or everything is.

00:13:21 - Exactly.

00:13:22 - Exactly.

00:13:23 - That thing.

00:13:24 - Listen, I feel that it is to caricaturize this topic a lot and it is in some way to minimize it.

00:13:30 - I'm going to tell you why.

00:13:33 - Mitch, you had to live it when we were in the offices.

00:13:36 - There I had to live a lot of times.

00:13:39 - Are you a woman?

00:13:40 - No, but I have had to, because I remember that it is not cool.

00:13:44 - Let's go.

00:13:45 - Boredom.

00:13:46 - Boredom.

00:13:47 - I want to know what it feels like.

00:13:48 - I want to know what it feels like.

00:13:49 - I understand, that's why I got to tell you.

00:13:51 - Yes.

00:13:52 - Yes, it's happened to me and the truth is that I do feel like a asshole.

00:13:56 - And it had nothing to do with whether the lady or Moa was handsome or not.

00:14:00 - And that is precisely what I go as women, and correct me if I'm wrong, you withdraw from many people who can even be visually attractive, but you feel something in their interaction with you that does not fit.

00:14:13 - It feels morbid, the truth is that it feels morbid, it feels the way they tell you, I tell you because there was a time and I will never forget that time, I was at a Starbucks, I was waiting for a friend, at that time I was still in high school, so I still moved in a truck and so on, I was in the corner of Patria, I was waiting for my friend and a man who cleaned glasses approached me and he said to me, hey, with all due respect, you are very beautiful, of course I did not take it wrong, I said thank you very much, you are really very attractive, you called me a lot of attention, and I, hey, if you want a Starbucks, and he told me, and that's where we go, I mean, he was a man, and he was a man, but really the way he approached me and told me, hey, you are very beautiful, you called me a lot of attention, and then of course the piropo came, he was very funny, I did go down to the Minerva for you, like that, so I even took it as a game, I would have said, ah, if you can, go away, and that's exactly what I'm going, right, that we are not, and well, that is, the subject is very deep, very, very deep, if not, it will not be for the whole program, it is open, it is a piece, think a little, one is this, first, they have not taught us to deliver sincere compliments, neither to men nor to women, yes, and they have not taught us to receive compliments, nor to men nor to women, less to me, less to me, look, it has happened to me that,

00:15:46 - I thought you were going to say a compliment to me, it cost me a lot of work to understand this part of, if you see something that you like in a person, let them know, do you like something about me Alejandro?

yes, you are very cool, never cut your hair, ah, no, something, physically no, no, no, I can't say that I like you, well, it is that it should not always be like physical, right?

physical, exactly, but that you say, hey, you know what, to me, both Ale and you, that is, they have a precious vibe, and look, I am a person who does not open to anyone,

00:16:18 - I think that from me, I am a bad vibe, with any human being, that is, it is not like I go through life, falling in love with everyone, the truth is that I am very complicated, but they have a very cool vibe, so if you see something in that person, tell him, because he really does not know if he has a bad day, if he woke up from bad, if someone in the morning, maybe he made a comment, or ...

00:16:38 - I don't know, ah, that's what I go, it costs me a lot of work to break this subject of daring, to give a compliment, on all women, because of this fear of ...

it is that I am not going to be loved, ah, sure, so you know what I started with, to change the hair,

00:16:57 - I say, because to start, I have anantwort with women's hair, okay, and I, I see a woman with beautiful hair, and I always say hey, how beautiful your hair is,

00:17:07 - Of course.

00:17:08 - Hey, it looks really cool on you, how cool you combed it, I mean, and that's my approach, right?

00:17:13 - But I think it's very difficult to tell you, I mean, it's very different from being told, hey, Michi, your hair looks really nice today, and then suddenly they come and say, Michi, your hair looks really nice today.

00:17:22 - Yes.

00:17:23 - I'm telling you the same thing, but, I mean...

00:17:25 - The tone.

00:17:26 - Exactly.

00:17:27 - The tone.

00:17:28 - Yes, so, and that's what I was going for.

00:17:29 - It really doesn't have much to do with whether the person who tells you is attractive or not.

00:17:34 - No, that's why I say that this issue of defining it as so characterized as, oh, if you're black, it's a compliment, and if you're black, it's a compliment.

00:17:43 - I mean, really, it's minimizing it, right?

00:17:45 - And it's like, in some way, invisibilizing this issue.

00:17:48 - And you touched on a very important point.

00:17:50 - Yes, it's true, they didn't teach me how to receive a compliment.

00:17:53 - Even right now that he said that I have a good vibe, well, it was like, oh, I mean...

00:17:57 - You know what to do.

00:17:58 - Exactly.

00:17:59 - I mean, because it's like, boom.

00:18:00 - It happened to me once, and I think I told you about it.

00:18:03 - He put a Berlin wall there.

00:18:04 - When I was studying radiology and I was starting to work on my thesis.

00:18:11 - Did you work in the radios?

00:18:13 - No, I was doing radiographies and studies.

00:18:15 - Oh, okay.

00:18:17 - The only place that I really concentrate on working is in summons.

00:18:23 - And it's in a specific world, not any other.

00:18:27 - Okay.

00:18:28 - So I was there working, I was starting to work on my thesis, so I'm always going to be working with music.

00:18:33 - And then a girl comes in, she sits at the table next to mine.

00:18:38 - But she was the first one who asked the next lady if she was bothered by me smoking.

00:18:44 - And she repeated the same thing with me.

00:18:46 - And I was like, well, we're in a smoking area.

00:18:48 - And it's not like seeing a girl smoke.

00:18:51 - And it's like a show, but we'll talk about it later.

00:18:54 - And I was already working.

00:18:56 - Do you do bad things with alcohol?

00:18:58 - I was already working.

00:19:00 - And all of a sudden she says to me, hey, excuse me.

00:19:02 - And I'm like, yes.

00:19:04 - And she says, excuse me, but you have such a beautiful nose.

00:19:08 - And the floor fell on me.

00:19:11 - I mean, I didn't even have the slightest idea of what to do.

00:19:15 - First, one, I said, turn back and see if she was really telling me.

00:19:20 - And two, it's like, one, you're not used to receiving something.

00:19:25 - Sometimes not even the woman you're living with is less than a stranger, right?

00:19:30 - And then I was like, okay.

00:19:31 - And then, well, who's giving you compliments, right?

00:19:34 - It's not something very common.

00:19:36 - Yes, I was like, thank you, right?

00:19:39 - It was a thank you, but very uncomfortable because I didn't know what to do.

00:19:42 - Not because I wouldn't have received it well.

00:19:44 - But I was like, what a compliment, right?

00:19:48 - Fixations of who, I don't know.

00:19:50 - And then I understood it and I said, well, I have a fixation with the hair.

00:19:52 - Well, that's what I'm going to do.

00:19:54 - They don't teach us this part of knowing how to give and receiving a compliment, right?

00:19:59 - And it's very important, right?

00:20:02 - Since childhood, I have accepted all these practices of reinforcement.

00:20:07 - Yes, I mean, I never heard my dad tell me, oh, my son, I'm very proud of you, how well you did that.

00:20:12 - Never, right?

00:20:13 - And neither did my mom, right?

00:20:15 - No, it's even more common for a woman to be told, right?

00:20:18 - To daughters.

00:20:19 - It's much more common.

00:20:21 - I was going to stutter like a man, but I stuttered like a gay.

00:20:27 - Well, Alberto.

00:20:28 - Shining as always in the program.

00:20:30 - Well, I can't stand the stutter.

00:20:33 - It's not because of the stutter, man.

00:20:35 - Oh, because of the gay?

00:20:36 - Yeah.

00:20:37 - I don't have a small foot, I have a little paw.

00:20:39 - But then, let's go back.

00:20:43 - Mitch, you had to go to the marches.

00:20:46 - I've never gone to one because there you go.

00:20:48 - I think in this, perhaps more than someone, more than one person gets on top of me.

00:20:52 - I don't agree so much with how many women live in that march.

00:20:56 - I do go and I'm happy.

00:20:57 - I do go and I'm with them and I have my heart with them.

00:21:01 - Because it really is a very, very emotional day.

00:21:05 - I mean, as women who even have hormones that we have, we handle our emotions.

00:21:10 - It's a very difficult day.

00:21:11 - I mean, it's a day where you say, I personally have friends who didn't come home.

00:21:17 - The stress.

00:21:18 - A lot.

00:21:19 - It's very painful.

00:21:20 - It's very ugly and to date we always go with his photo.

00:21:25 - To date.

00:21:26 - And so, in that march, Fabi is always in each of the marches.

00:21:30 - And that shouldn't happen.

00:21:32 - Exactly.

00:21:33 - But there are, where do we go?

00:21:34 - There are many men who want to accompany us in that process.

00:21:37 - That are telling us, we are here.

00:21:39 - And what do women do?

00:21:41 - Not because you are a man.

00:21:43 - Hey, wait.

00:21:45 - If it is about creating a generation where we have more awareness.

00:21:51 - Why do you keep away from the man who wants to support you?

for women.

00:21:56 - Look, it took me a lot of work to understand this part of why it is not a good idea for you to go as a man.

00:22:05 - And it took me a very long discussion with a feminist friend, who I love and appreciate a lot.

00:22:12 - And she told me, in fact there is a very clear example on Facebook, in a publication, where they compare an Olympic competition in which the person who won was covered by another person who had nothing to do there.

00:22:34 - Yes.

00:22:35 - So, this part, and this is something that I already understood, the issue of the marches, what I was saying is that it goes much beyond celebrating and celebrating the achievements that the collective has had, especially for women, the issue of rights, the issue of visibility, a lot of issues.

00:22:56 - It is more this part of the desperate cry of, we need the society to do something so that this is no longer happening, so that we can go out free and safe on the street.

00:23:09 - So, the moment a man enters this march, in some way, you are sending the message of, you know what?

00:23:20 - I mean, my speech is, I can do it alone, but implicitly, by bringing men into the contingents,

00:23:28 - I am telling you that in reality I cannot do it alone.

00:23:31 - And it took me a lot of work to understand, because I said, hey, I am concerned about this issue,

00:23:36 - I am interested, because regardless of whether they have a mother, sister, wife, daughter, in the end, women have to be safe.

00:23:45 - But, but, notice that right now that you are presenting it in that way, I think that maybe not men, but if we want to generate a conscience, I agree that maybe the idea is to demonstrate that...

00:23:57 - Although I do not agree with the intolerance that many people have.

00:24:00 - That's what I'm going to say.

00:24:02 - It does not happen, I do not say that they march with us, but, for example, there was a time when my boyfriend told me, if you want to go, I see you from afar, but to take care of you.

00:24:14 - Because that day we are also more vulnerable.

00:24:17 - So, one does not know.

00:24:19 - You do not know what may happen that day, you do not know if there is any human being out there who has something in his head and wants to do something that day against us.

00:24:28 - So he told me, I can be there, but from afar.

00:24:31 - I mean, I do not need to go after you, I do not need to go with you.

00:24:34 - So, I have also had to see situations where those who are marching do not even accept that.

00:24:41 - I mean, it's like, no, today there can be no one and let's go back to that, the intolerance that many women have.

00:24:47 - Yes.

00:24:48 - And we fall into this topic of the extremes, right?

00:24:50 - I had to be in the march three years ago.

00:24:55 - It was because of work, actually.

00:24:58 - I mean, I was not going with the eagerness.

00:25:01 - I respected this that my friend had explained to me.

00:25:04 - I said, what the hell, they put me on top of everything and they beat me up, why not?

00:25:09 - But it was because of work that I had to take care of the stores of the whole neighborhood of Los Contingentes.

00:25:15 - Of course.

00:25:16 - Yes.

00:25:17 - And the truth is that the environment gets so tense that you can hardly grasp it.

00:25:23 - Well, you can feel the tension that there is.

00:25:26 - And there is a moment that is like half gestural, before the march starts, because people are like ...

00:25:35 - But the march starts, I say, I do not know if it is always like that, but the first contingent that advances is that of all the relatives of the victims.

00:25:45 - And it is the most nourished, that is, it is the one that most people carry.

00:25:49 - And it should not be like that.

00:25:51 - Exactly.

00:25:52 - But beyond that, it should not be like that.

00:25:54 - I mean, when you are there and I am a sponge of emotions, do you feel the pain of all those who were there?

00:26:01 - I mean, I saw the contingent because apart it goes in silence.

00:26:04 - The contingent does not speak, they do not scream.

00:26:06 - They go in silence.

00:26:08 - And my heart broke and my heart closed.

00:26:11 - And I did not understand why.

00:26:13 - I mean, if I understood.

00:26:14 - I understood.

00:26:15 - And I said to myself, wow, all these people lost something.

00:26:18 - They lost a sister, they lost a daughter, they lost a wife.

00:26:21 - A mother.

00:26:23 - Very painful.

00:26:25 - I mean, the subject is very painful.

00:26:27 - And as a man, you have to become empathetic with the subject.

00:26:32 - Do you know where it was going?

00:26:34 - Exactly that.

00:26:36 - We are a bridge.

00:26:37 - A generational bridge.

00:26:39 - So, I think that maybe those who should be taken are the children.

00:26:43 - Where they see that if it can be, it must be, it must be.

00:26:47 - It must coexist in the same way, men and women.

00:26:52 - It was not my turn to use pink, purple, no.

00:26:55 - Yes, because it is a girl.

00:26:56 - That type of thing, that is a girl.

00:26:57 - Do not cry.

00:26:58 - Exactly, do not cry.

00:27:00 - That costs me drugs.

00:27:01 - Do not expose your emotions.

00:27:03 - The man only has an emotion.

00:27:05 - The macho man.

00:27:06 - The idea.

00:27:07 - So, if you show a child, hey, look, we are doing this because we lack.

00:27:12 - We lack people and they are mostly women.

00:27:15 - And this is what we are doing to avoid it.

00:27:18 - Be aware that not a single person should be missing.

00:27:23 - For the simple fact of being.

00:27:25 - I say, because we are talking about the issue of women.

00:27:28 - And it is also a bastard.

00:27:30 - That is, maybe a contingent of people to do it.

00:27:33 - There are children.

00:27:34 - Yes, there are children in the contingent of women and victims.

00:27:38 - And there are men.

00:27:40 - Yes, yes, yes.

00:27:41 - And the only contingent.

00:27:42 - Referring to children is everything.

00:27:43 - That you see heterogeneous.

00:27:44 - Yes, that is, the family contingent of victims is the one that you see heterogeneous.

00:27:49 - There are women, there are men, there are children, there are girls.

00:27:52 - Because they are family members.

00:27:53 - That is, it is a client who lost someone close by.

00:27:56 - I believe that what you said has to be done, but every day at home.

00:28:02 - Oh yes, of course.

00:28:03 - Every day at home.

00:28:04 - It is that you know where I think the protest is going.

00:28:07 - I say, because I don't know, maybe, maybe I'm going to get in a line.

00:28:10 - A very thin line.

00:28:12 - If society comes, the one that makes this type of problems like stealing organs, stealing girls, raping girls.

00:28:19 - That's not a lie, I steal them from the cell phones.

00:28:21 - Well, if, if, if, if, if it is a very thin line, I feel and I saw it in the morning, it would be very stupid that the government has nothing to do with it.

00:28:31 - Because.

00:28:32 - Of course it has to.

00:28:34 - Then in the morning there was a post that said, hey, this, all of us in the colony know where to go.

00:28:39 - We know where they sell drugs.

00:28:40 - And curiously, the police don't.

00:28:41 - Of course.

00:28:42 - That's obvious, isn't it?

00:28:43 - That's the point.

00:28:44 - Well, do you think they don't know who is the one who rapes?

00:28:47 - And there goes this issue.

00:28:48 - And there goes this little issue of, hey, if I raise my hand to a girl, let her put me in the boat, let her do whatever she has to do with me.

00:28:57 - And forgive me for the expression, she's a bitch and that's how she stays.

00:29:01 - And more stupid if it happens a second time.

00:29:03 - I say.

00:29:04 - I know, I try to be like that.

00:29:07 - Because.

00:29:08 - Because we must not tolerate anything, even if it is the bridge.

00:29:12 - It is that.

00:29:13 - Exactly.

00:29:14 - But look, you say, is that if it happened to me, to the shit, I immediately or I break his mother or I go and report.

00:29:22 - Yes.

00:29:23 - Because.

00:29:24 - That's how they educated you.

00:29:26 - You don't let yourself be broken.

00:29:28 - You are a man.

00:29:29 - But as a woman.

00:29:31 - The issue gets much more complicated.

00:29:33 - I agree, right?

00:29:34 - I had to see some horror stories when I was in the police.

00:29:37 - Of women who allowed their children to be abused.

00:29:41 - Because who was going to keep them like that?

00:29:46 - But suddenly you say, okay, you are talking in many of the cases of women who do not have an academic instruction, who surely do not even have a labor instruction, because they were precisely in a house where they were only taught to cook and work.

00:30:01 - And that they do not have family support.

00:30:03 - They do not have support.

00:30:05 - And they were educated to surrender themselves to the man.

00:30:09 - Because they saw that.

00:30:11 - I think that also what you saw, if you repeat everything.

00:30:14 - Of course.

00:30:15 - But you will also agree with me that not an academic instruction, not a very good house, must be an impediment to respect them to you.

00:30:23 - Yes.

00:30:24 - But remember that also systematic abuse, which is what most women are victims of in this type of cases.

00:30:33 - Yes.

00:30:34 - It closes doors for you everywhere.

00:30:38 - A woman who resists abuse, forget about the physical, a psychological abuse, what it does is mediate that self-confidence, that security in themselves.

00:30:53 - Because the abuser is what he is looking for.

00:30:55 - Say man, say woman.

00:30:57 - Yes, it is to dominate the person and they are narcissistic people.

00:31:00 - But a person who is abusive.

00:31:02 - And we talk about it in a...

00:31:03 - In toxic relationships we talk about that.

00:31:06 - How they seek to destroy the essence of the person to always have her here.

00:31:12 - So, the woman who goes through an abusive home, generally when the issue of violence comes, it is because they have already destroyed her.

00:31:22 - I do not know if I can explain.

00:31:24 - Yes, emotionally you have nothing left.

00:31:26 - A hitman does not start beating physically.

00:31:30 - Yes, that is more his column.

00:31:31 - A hitman starts beating his soul.

00:31:33 - He has this system and security.

00:31:35 - And since that happened, now they go to the madrasas.

00:31:38 - Very systematic.

00:31:40 - They make you think, they make you believe that you need them.

00:31:42 - Without them, you are nobody.

00:31:45 - And unfortunately the woman is more vulnerable to that.

00:31:48 - A man, no, a man is more difficult to manipulate.

00:31:52 - But a woman, which dominates her so much, many emotions, many feelings, it is very easy.

00:31:59 - And I think the woman who lies, who says that in her life she has not had an abuse.

his life he has not had a name that has destroyed him because in all of us we have to come across one since you do with that relationship in the future it depends on you and right now you do something very interesting that is the emotions men are also very emotional biologically you do not have the same hormones as we do so biologically if we are much more sentimental we are not emotional and not sentimental but in reality if a man is not taught how to demonstrate an emotion, that is, sometimes they do not even know how to identify them, it is like that something hurt me, I get angry, the only emotion that was allowed to us as men to demonstrate the anger where you are sad, you are depressed, you are hungry, you are hungry, well, it is more of the female part, but that part is very complicated, it is what we talked about because it tells me that then what can we do to eradicate this evil, it is simple but it is not easy because we also confuse simplicity with ease, it is very simple if you have a daughter you have to teach her to be independent in all senses emotionally and economically and if you have a child, you still have to do it independently, emotionally, so that the day she falls in love decides to be a relationship because they decide to be together and not because they need something from the other that also says a healthy relationship is very difficult to create it is very difficult that is always a relationship but it is impossible no no no but it takes a lot of time the coexistence the coexistence is the one that makes you exactly takes you to make a relationship because the communication I am not going to leave no no I am not going to leave hello how are you how do you call me not like right now in the gym that we are talking about and that he says hello how do you call you you want to marry me we are going to be super happy all life long there are some tips for example also as women knowing what we are looking for at the moment also that helps us to save us a lot of time that you touch is very important because how do you know that this is looking for the truth if you end up complicated if you know or if you know when you do not want a relationship you know when you are just looking to have fun you know when you only want a friend to invite you to eat that arrives but a man but not a man who says I just want you to see that very tonto very mature rather would be that good this line andfrom here to has everything man or the vast majority include that this should be the program the feeling knows to manage emotions and we became lighter And also with you let's talk about how different it would be that you suddenly have interest in someone but it is interest is not enough to have fun, it reaches and be very

00:35:28 - It's very clear, hey, you know what? I didn't get to do it on any occasion and I said, hey, wait for me, I feel like I'm kind of here, what are you looking for? I feel like I'm lost, what are you looking for? No, well, whatever, because I can only make you feel that way.

00:35:41 - Yes, and you decide if you stay there or leave. Because they also don't give us the opportunity to decide. That is, they think that we are automatically emotional and that it is like, oh, yes, well, she already fell in love. No, you don't know, maybe I'm not even interested and I'm playing the same game as you.

00:35:59 - No, that's how it happens.

00:36:01 - They think that women don't like sex, they think that women don't like to have fun.

00:36:06 - And that point that you're touching, another fucking line, very thin.

00:36:10 - Yes, I feel like it has to be.

00:36:11 - It has to do with the lack of joy in a woman for religious farts.

00:36:15 - Yes, the woman cannot have a fun.

00:36:18 - Forgive the expression, the woman cannot have fun with a guy at the moment and only at the moment.

00:36:24 - Because she's going to be judged.

00:36:25 - Exactly, because at the moment she's going to be the one who is going to be the one who is going to be judged.

00:36:29 - But you know what? I feel like that is already eradicating a lot.

00:36:33 - It's slow, but there's more.

00:36:35 - But because now it's much more common that you meet a girl who says to you.

00:36:41 - Mother, I have a relationship with you, do you want to fuck or not?

00:36:44 - No.

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