August  23, 2022

Episode 4: Soul or Atma

Scientific discovery
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Episode cover: Soul or Atma

00:00:00 - Part 4. Part 4 of my book is about soul or atma.

00:00:08 - Soul or atma. Science cannot find any evidence of soul.

00:00:14 - Science has no evidence of it.

00:00:17 - And yet there is beautiful science to it.

00:00:20 - There is beautiful science to atma or soul which is completely hidden.

00:00:26 - And part four of my book reveals the proof, the scientific proof.

00:00:33 - All this I can back it up with science.

00:00:36 - There's so much knowledge about science and consciousness, which I'm covering and I've started in this book with Saul or Atma.

00:00:49 - There is no two ways about it.

00:00:52 - There's a scientific method, but the method is different.

adopted a totally different approach compared to the modern science and I hate a jackpot.

00:01:01 - What was my approach?

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