August  23, 2022

Episode 1: MC Theory on Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design scientific discovery
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Episode cover: MC Theory on Intelligent Design

00:00:00 - My name is Dr. Mukesh C. Chahar.

00:00:04 - Today's presentation is on MC theory of intelligent design.

00:00:11 - MC theory of intelligent design.

00:00:15 - What is intelligent design?

00:00:19 - Well, it is my scientific theory to explain origin of life.

to explain the origin of life, to remember that this world of science still hasn't put together all the evidence because they don't have the evidence as to how we originated, despite them doing beautiful work in field of biology, physics, chemistry and so on and mathematics, they still cannot piece it together because, however, there are some important pieces of evidence which are missing in the knowledge. So what is it that I have with my MC theory and intelligent design and why is that important? The first thing to mention is I had searched for creator. I had searched for creator of a universe and it took me a long long time to find this creator. And science doesn't know who the creator is, despite them doing a beautiful reduction approach. And with the standard model, they still don't know the origin of human life.

00:01:38 - So the knowledge which I got was after meeting creator.

00:01:43 - In my big journey, and after 14 years, finding creator, despite humongous problems and difficulties, all my doors at the back were closed, there's only one way forward, which was to continue searching for that ultimate creator who was beyond space-time and was not bound by anything.

00:02:12 - And this happened because I was absolutely fed up, I was absolutely fed up of religious worship of gods.

00:02:18 - I used to worship them, but I left all of that completely.

00:02:23 - Now it's zero worship of any of the religious gods or entities.

00:02:29 - Why?

00:02:31 - Because when you have discovered the creator, the ultimate who is made of a universe and made all of us, then all the others fade into background.

00:02:44 - So role diminishes and there's no role to play.

00:02:51 - So MC theory of everything is based on my discovery of creator and the intelligent design, I call it, because human beings are intelligently designed.

00:03:05 - The only thing is, this knowledge is missing on earth, it's missing on earth with science.

00:03:17 - And it's certainly missing with religion. So my NCA theory of intelligent design is based on my meeting creator and creator disseminating the new knowledge to me in an epic journey. So during the 18th year, I wrote about God. And now, almost stretching 30 years, I have put together the finest secrets of our universe and the origin of human life before scientists big bang. Do you remember scientists that can only go as far as big bang? They're blocked there.

00:04:01 - Whereas my theory is based on Creator who is present in the universe and had multiplied itself in the field, in the zero point field. So the space which you see in the universe is not empty. It's filled with Creator's knowledge. The trouble is science cannot see that. Why? Because it's not physical. Anything which is not physical or doesn't pass through the approach of testing, experimenting, validating any potential hypothesis they make, and then rejecting it or approving it. That is how science works. Science's theory is based on physical aspects of life and universe and origin of human life. Again, that knowledge is limited. Which is my empty theory of everything is based on my scientific history of consciousness, which is enshrined in human quantum code. And that is the based on which creator had made everything in the universe, including human beings. So everything you see in the universe everything light dark energy atoms sun planets nature animals humans everything which you see earth is made on the basis of this quantum called consciousness and into billions of years for it to come to fruition which science doesn't know

00:05:48 - And in this theory, I'm revealing that science's approach is limited because they are viewing everything from the third person's perspective.

00:06:00 - And this is the downfall or the limitation, whereas the entire universe was made from the first person of consciousness.

between the two is the entire structure of consciousness and quantum code is beautiful physics behind this and I've drawn these I've explained this in my research in my discovery for which I was nominated for a Nobel Prize in 2020 by three universities in India, for medicine as well as physics.

00:06:44 - Now what's so special about my MC theory and intelligent design? I assert everything most beautifully pre-planned. A single cell cannot be made by scientists. A single cell, they can't make it. They can make a variety of amino acids shortchains, but they cannot make the complete cell. And the more they realize and the complexity of a human cell, the more they realize that less they know, it's a fact, less they know, they have to admit that. So while the knowledge has progressed phenomenally, there are many gaps.

00:07:29 - If they cannot figure out how a single cell is made, then how are they going to explain the origin of life?

00:07:38 - In my scientific discovery, creators inform me every cell is made with seven planets.

00:07:46 - Every cell is made with seven planets.

00:07:50 - Intrag cosmos is inside quantum called consciousness. So the divine mystery of my

00:07:57 - MC theory is I can unite everything. I can unite everything small and I can unite everything big.

00:08:07 - Everything which is made, every type of life, every type of animate and inanimate objects,

00:08:13 - I can unite that with MCA theory of consciousness. This is the beauty about my theory of intelligent design. And with this theory, do remember there is no mention of any religions at all, not a single word. The creator's knowledge is above and beyond all the religions of the world and this is completely covered

00:08:40 - I mentioned, I've discovered six conspiracy to cover up this truth, I made separate videos on that to reach any interested viewer is referred to on YouTube.

00:08:54 - Life, origin of life is beautifully controlled with 3Q. 3Q stands for quantum code, quantum lives and quantum universe. This is beautiful scientific knowledge, which is unknown to the world of science now, is spying to them knowing beautiful quantum physics, and they make beautiful discoveries, which is made of a light so much easier, nevertheless, they cannot piece together, because they don't have the full knowledge.

00:09:30 - Creator reveals that entire nature, Creator had made with the biological ratio 1 to 1, 6, 1, 8, 1 to 6, 1, 8, 1 to 1, 6, 1, 8.

00:09:51 - You can't even bend a single finger, phalanges, you can't bend it without this ratio.

00:09:57 - Think about the beauty of this design, this is not an intelligent design, what it is, you tell me first.

00:10:07 - Your teeth are made with this ratio, human face is made with this ratio, and our human body is made with this ratio.

00:10:15 - Everything is made with this ratio.

00:10:17 - And created permeates through the finest layers of life, within and without, within and without every human being.

00:10:30 - The irony is human beings don't feel that.

00:10:33 - They don't know anything about it.

00:10:36 - First in my journey during the 18th year, I was given knowledge of top-down universe.

of quantum universe and how creator had made this entire universe which is a very small universe which is so important in the life and death every human life originates from there.

00:11:04 - Thing is to see that you need more knowledge and more practical experience.

00:11:10 - This is also where God lives.

00:11:14 - This is where God lives and God can be seen and now written books about it and people can read about it.

00:11:23 - But I don't want to bring that subject into today's discussion, which is purely scientific.

00:11:27 - So, Creator, one of the biggest misconceptions we have about Creator is that Creator is the religious God.

is the religious God. And this is wrong. This is wrong. Trouble is nobody has been able to discover what the finest truth is. People don't know the difference between creator on one side and they don't know the difference with God on the other side. And it is creator who made God at the beginning of the Unionists with triple quantum entanglement. This is another beautiful discovery I made.

00:12:13 - Today is just to touch a new brief intro about my theory, which I have encapsulated in a new book, MC Theory of Everything, Origin of Life, Salt. It's a 420 pages A4 site with many beautiful pictures and visions which I have seen from a highest conscious state.

00:12:34 - But the world doesn't know is that it is Creator who I also call as Singularity. Singularity and I also call it as Infinity. The Creator is the same as Singularity is the same as infinity. And these three terms are synonymous with what I am saying with my theory of everything and origin of human life. Every human life was called it. Did you know that? Every life was called it.

00:13:16 - And what unfolds in one life will be different to what will encode in the next life.

how many births human beings have, where they come from, how they manifest on earth, are all the divine secrets which I have discovered, courtesy of Creator, Grace of Creator.

00:13:43 - Even more importantly, what I have learned is that Creator makes human beings in one second in one second. Creator also takes away your beings in one second. Now you might say, what is one second? At first I said the same, nothing. What's the significance of that? And then I was reminded by Creator, I was wrong. One second is significant. Creator said, I will see that. Creator will take over millions of people from earth in one second. In one second, many people laugh, many people find this incredulous to believe this would happen, but that's exactly what will happen. And that is why we don't have fossil evidence. We don't have fossil evidence because creator takes a view on remains by switching off the black hole, by switching off the black hole. And the human being will disappear in front of you and in front of your eyes without leaving a trace of evidence, perhaps except the clothes. But the human body will vanish in front of you.

00:15:02 - And the beauty about this is Creator reveals that the black hole which Creator has made is made up of seven layers and signs while being wonders with their work on black hole and winning multiple normal prices they really don't know the full sub quantum structure of black hole similarly science is another beautiful theory string theory or m theory of 11 dimensions

00:15:31 - They cannot see strings. They say the mathematics is beautiful. They can't see live strings.

00:15:39 - Because they don't have the energy or they don't have any equipment how to see these live strings.

00:15:45 - I have actually seen those live strings and I can reveal exactly what the strings are and how they are made.

00:15:53 - How they are made. And they play a very important role in our daily functioning.

our daily functioning to go from consciousness to cognition, to go from consciousness to cognition.

00:16:10 - Also discovered the supersymmetric larger particles which are present also inside human body and also discovered the six smaller curled up inner dimensions which science can't see at all.

to remember is that third person's approach, which is a social problem that empirical science cannot get past that third person. Despite them doing beautiful work with their reduction approach with the standard models, now I'm coming with a new standard model based on the things I've seen on origin of life and what the sub-annual articles are made about. In fact, as I mentioned,

00:16:52 - I was nominated for Nobel Prize in Physics and Medicine in 2020.

00:16:57 - And I made discoveries in which I came in over half a dozen Nobel Prizes.

00:17:06 - The science in the world is ignored about some of the finest secrets.

00:17:10 - And it will take me a whole day, maybe a couple of days or even a week, to gradually brief people with this new knowledge of intelligent design, of intelligent design.

00:17:26 - Creator is the finest energy to make everything in life.

00:17:32 - Everything in life is made by creator.

00:17:36 - The only thing is, you don't know it. People are blissfully ignorant because they can't see this.

00:17:40 - Similarly, Creator is information, which is one of the most fundamental things in the universe.

00:17:52 - And without Creator's help, you cannot make a single bond of anything in life.

00:17:59 - You cannot make a single hydrogen atom.

00:18:01 - So much beautiful work to reveal.

and I've seen all of this light, I've seen light works, I've seen light electrons, the beauty about the design, I've seen light photons of light, the variety of lights which are present which the science is not primitive. Science doesn't know about all the different lights which we have. Similarly memory is another beautiful subject and I'm revealing the finest layers of memory which the world of science, despite doing some beautiful work from neuroscience, they cannot piece it together. They don't know it. That's a bottom line, because they can't see it. And I've seen it, and

00:18:44 - I have seen how it works, and how it unfolds in our daily life, the value of present moment, the value of present moment.

00:18:57 - So MC theory of everything is new scientific knowledge, which revolutionized science, thank you. Light and dark energies everything are made from quantum code and consciousness, the entire electromagnetic spectrum with the science there is about but don't know how it's made of, in other words they don't of the source of electromagnetic spectrum. Even they work on cosmic microwave background radiation is incorrect. It's not the first slide of the universe. They are incorrect. People have won

00:19:42 - Nobel Prizes for that. Similarly, 3D vision, science doesn't live and I've unlocked that entire mystery of how 3D vision manifests and how we have even more deeper layers of eyes and create a work from the seventh and deepest layer of life in everyone.

00:20:05 - And Creator knows everything that's going on at the same time with everyone.

00:20:11 - Can you believe that?

00:20:12 - It is simply mind boggling the science and the intelligent design.

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