August  23, 2022

Episode 2: American Supreme Court and Dover case

Intelligent Design verses Evolution in science class rooms
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Episode cover: American Supreme Court and Dover case

00:00:00 - My name is Mukesh Singh Chahar.

00:00:02 - Thank you for listening to my video and taking the time to understand it.

00:00:09 - I'm sure you'll find some very good new knowledge.

00:00:13 - Today's topic is intelligent design and American Supreme Court judgments and or court judgments by district judge Jones.

00:00:30 - What the dispute relates to is that door in the area of door in America, in Pennsylvania, the school had some science subjects in which teachers and parents felt an attempt was made to introduce the creator, the creator and intelligent design. Therefore, there was an attempt to bring in creator or supernatural power, which comes under the ambit of, as London court state, comes under the ambit of religion and philosophy. They say this is not science.

00:01:23 - So, the dispute dragged on for a long time, because the board member, I think Boncel was mentioned, and he felt that Charles Darwin's theory of evolution did not explain everything, did not explain everything about the origin of life, and he felt there were many missing knowledge of gaps in the knowledge in science.

00:01:53 - And intelligent design breached that gap.

00:01:56 - So it should be taught.

00:02:00 - Well, this led to a trial in District of Jones and entire town was polarized.

00:02:11 - Where a lot of people said religion should not be taught in schools under the auspices of science.

00:02:22 - Now, Lenege Jones had stated, this is an attempt to introduce religion through the back door.

00:02:32 - It's an attempt to introduce religion through the back door.

00:02:36 - And therefore it's not science.

00:02:40 - Lenege Jones further reversed that the books which were procreated with intelligent design were really no more than creation is an attempt to introduce religion.

00:02:57 - Anders book, particularly, is one of them for them many other books.

00:03:05 - The arguments and the proponents of intelligent design felt that irreducible

00:03:15 - Complexity, irreducible complexity is not something which can arise by chance.

00:03:22 - It was designed, it was purposefully designed.

00:03:27 - And the learned judge had refused that argument.

00:03:32 - The learned judge further said that the intelligent design has not been tested by science,

00:03:39 - It has not been peer-reviewed and it has been heavily refuted by the scientific establishment.

00:03:47 - And in doing so, close the door on intelligent design.

00:03:55 - Now, there are other court cases like the one in 1987 with Aguilan, Aguilan, Aguilan.

00:04:04 - But the Supreme Court stated just like the District of Jones, that it was an attempt to introduce religion and religious education with a supernatural power, and it violated the Fundamental Amendment Act of American Constitution in which the law prohibits the promotion or prohibition of religious knowledge.

00:04:33 - And this was cited that there was no proper scientific query.

00:04:43 - And there are many other learned scientists who are trying to put forward their arguments.

00:04:50 - But many opposed it. Eugene Scott, the chairman or chairman of the lady of the NCSC, stated

00:04:58 - Stated is an attempt to Christianize the American society with the back door.

00:05:07 - So the question arises, if the learned Supreme Court has refused this argument put forward by intelligent design, certainly in 2005, and the doors are completely closed,

00:05:24 - Then what is it about the intelligent design, which is getting learned judges and the courts and everybody excited?

00:05:35 - Well, I aware that science doesn't know who the creator is.

00:05:48 - Science doesn't know who the creator is.

00:05:50 - And if they don't know who the creator is, how can they say it's an attempt to introduce religion with a supernatural power?

00:06:01 - And again, religious has some merits. It's not that they are completely daft alive, but there are some very good points which are made by religionists.

00:06:13 - But that doesn't come under the amplitude of science and therefore has to be diffused in the courts and therefore in the classroom.

00:06:23 - Now, despite humongous efforts by the intelligent design theories, they could not bridge the wall.

00:06:36 - They could not bridge the wall.

00:06:38 - And it is my assertion that ignorance is less learned in church, and judges are ignorant about the depth of scientific knowledge.

00:06:56 - And I can say it a bit conviction because American students don't know, and the teachers don't know the difference between Creator and God. I think God is part of the religious ambit which would reach the American Constitution which gives the state away from religion actually prohibits it. So how can this argument be advanced forward?

00:07:36 - It is my contention that science has prematurely mixed up the beautiful depth of intelligent design knowledge with religion and supernatural power.

00:08:01 - I can say them in conviction because I went in search of creative genius starting from

00:08:06 - London and it took me 14 years to find a creator. And during the 18th year I wrote about religion and God and then now almost in my 30th year I'm unlocked the beautiful mystery of origin of life, origin of life. And then the new knowledge which I'm revealing in my new book there is not a single word about religion anywhere at all. This is not a single word about religion. And there is no mention of

00:08:42 - God. But this is a more detailed subject and I will need to cover that in detail because emotions are high and there are numerous ways of covering the new knowledge and bring it to the attention of learned at courts to set aside the judgment so the American students, so the American students benefit from the new knowledge of intelligent design, which is very scientific, which I have discovered in my epic journey. And it be gross travesty of justice to deny American science and students oncology is beautiful knowledge purely because people think it is religious.

00:09:32 - And I can say, I've got the scientific foundation and the proof of what I'm saying that it's nothing to do with religion at all. All the religions of the world disappear with my beautiful discovery of new scientific knowledge of quantum science and it's a creator who controls everything from the finest levels of energy. I mean science doesn't even know who makes oxygen let's be honest they know the percentage ratio of oxygen which you breathe in and breathe out but they don't know who makes it nor do they know how it's made science doesn't know how a single cell is made. Plagellum, which has been sited, is a beautifully complex structure.

00:10:19 - And to be fair, because the intelligent proponents didn't have depth of knowledge apart from this one major aspect, the entire judiciary has gone against them. And to be fair,

00:10:35 - And they've even benefited out to Charles Darwin's and his evolution theory of 1859 to remember 1859 was a long time ago.

00:10:45 - Darwin himself felt that if they could find sudden emergence of multiple species appearing at the same time, then his cause would be fatal.

00:10:55 - His theory would be fatal and would not stand a scrutiny of science.

00:10:59 - That's exactly what happens in the pre-Cambrian era explosion, which eminent paleontologist has discovered by the name of Gould in America.

00:11:14 - So Darwin's approach was everything takes place slowly, it's slow changes over a period of time with mutation and natural selection taking the upper hand in providing or promoting the variety of species. Any scientist's beautiful work which he had done let's not forget is 1859 so the guy deserves a good credit for it okay somebody had the guts and I saw the specimens which he had collected which form and are present in the museum at University College London where I have seen the 60,000 specimens which Darwin had collected with his Gallabagos ship.

00:12:01 - There's also the controversy between Darwin and Wallace, who felt intelligent design was the appropriate thing, but that's a separate issue again.

00:12:11 - So, secondly, Darwin also felt that I was not intelligent enough,

00:12:15 - And therefore, he felt that I with limited knowledge has imperfect design and cannot be part of the intelligent design.

00:12:25 - Well, it is my contention that Darwin, while has got everybody thinking in the world of science about our origins, they can't pinpoint it with details about origins and with my new and see theory of everything I'm revealing the beauty of the intelligent design and I've got multiple evidence multiple evidence variety of things which we have in nature with which I can establish intelligent design is made by creator who is not religious at all. It has nothing to do with religion. It has nothing to do with religion.

00:13:11 - This is a blind belief people have made up in their mindset and until they change that, people will stick to that.

00:13:20 - How many people change their mindset? How many people are prepared to listen or open an argument?

00:13:27 - But this, I have discovered, and I'm revealing with my new knowledge, and I can state quite categorically that American students are unfailingly denied and deprived with the latest knowledge of science, beautiful quantum science, which is the highest knowledge.

00:13:48 - Vingenius is like Einstein, Mechsblank, Dirac, and many more trying to unlock.

00:14:00 - Garth Syme, this new knowledge after meeting creator, who is creator, who took me right back to the beginning of time to explain some of the origins of life.

00:14:11 - So I'm revealing all that with my new book.

00:14:14 - I can say the American Supreme Court judgment of 1987 of adverse versus equivalent can and should be set aside it denies freedom of speech freedom of expression freedom of thought which american constitution guarantees with the first amendment so if people can't talk think and write about us the thoughts they don't even know how thoughts arise thought is not religious. So if they can't figure this out, and they don't have a clue how thoughts originate. I am saying Darwin had beautiful knowledge, but it was limited knowledge in 1859. One of the other pitfalls already covered the concept about multiple species appearing in pre-Cambrian era. Darwin says it would be fatal to his cause and it is fatal to his goals. I also covered the consular 3D vision, which I have unlawfully with intelligent design.

00:15:25 - So you see, these are not just the two things which I have uncovered. Science don't even know how a human cell is made. Science doesn't even know how human beings die and what happens to to them after death.

00:15:39 - But you can't restrict the knowledge which forms the highest embodiment of science, the quantum level for which people have spent their whole life trying to unlock this mystery.

00:15:55 - I think we grow a stricter of justice.

00:15:58 - And the American Supreme Court judgment should be set aside, and so should

00:16:04 - Dover case, judgment by my learned Judge Jones, we set aside completely.

00:16:13 - Now I haven't covered new evidence and therefore time is right how to present this to the learning course.

00:16:21 - Either I can present this in the course with an application to make a new application in light of new evidence, giving evidence to set the aside or I can present my scientific knowledge in a conference and any number of scientists can come listen to it whatever denomination they are students can come colleagues can come let me share the beautiful mystery and once they know the absolute truth about creator and how creator has made everything in the universe and people's opinion will change. You can't deny American students because of Supreme Court's conservative attitude and it has to be conservative because there is a gap in the knowledge and they have to allow for introduction of this knowledge.

00:17:18 - So either we can make an application in Supreme Court or the court to set aside the judgment and allow the introduction of intelligent design with my new MC theory of everything in which I am uniting everything. All the lines, all the nature, birds, animals, planets, solar system, universe, dark energy, light energy, electromagnetic spectrum, consciousness, death. What happens after death? Supreme Court doesn't have a clue and neither does science.

00:17:54 - Death was beautifully pre-planned by creator with the triple Q which I have discovered. The triple Q stands for quantum code, quantum light and quantum universe. This is beautiful science and beautiful example of intelligent design. Every life is coded. Did you know that? And it's creative controls. Our human beings die. So as I said, either we can get together with a conference we're going to reveal my knowledge and we could record this conference live in front of any number of people, thousands of people. I'm quite happy. And then we can submit that proof with your recording and audio recording to learn in Supreme Court to set aside the judgments, or we can have a trial, and a hearing about my new scientific discovery of intelligent design with my theory of MC theory of everything. This is based on my first searching for creator, searching for creator. That's a secret about my success. It took me a long time 14 years find their Creator. Now an easy job. 99% of people won't bother to do it. Scientists won't bother to do it. They won't want to lose the comfort of their laboratory and the research facilities. And I discovered all this much more without any facilities as well. I'm completely destroying. But this is a separate topic. This important thing is now is the time when people need to get together and bring it out in the open. The divine knowledge of creator which separate from God and with my discovery, scientific discovery of intelligent design.

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