May  26, 2022

Episode 5: Chapter 4

King Duncan and his 2 sons Malcolm and Donalbain came to the Dunsinane castle with Banquo and Macduff, Lady Macbeth waited for them and gave them a welcome, she shows the room and the castle. But the real purpose of the queen was to complete a plan with macbeth, that was to kill the King with the daggers of their guards and accuse them for
the crime, all because of the ambition of Lady Macbeth yo be queen, they started when the king fall asleep, then Lady Macbeth
gave the guards big amount of wine, that let them sleeping at the door, then Macbeth entered the Kings room and was prepared to kill the king, but he refused because then he will be horrified, so Lady Macbeth was the person who took the dagger and commit this crime.
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