July  22, 2022

Episode 9: Chapter 9

while Macduff and king Edward were in England, preparing the plans against Macbeth, something was happening at Dunsinane Castle. Lady Macbeth was acting very weird, she didn’t eat or talk to anyone, and she walk in her sleep. Macbeth didn’t care about her situation. On the contrary, her main was worried about her behavior and sent an urgent message to the doctor to come to the castle. The doctor stays at the side of Lady Macbeth all night, but she didn’t move. The doctor left the room to talk with the maid and the doctor start asking a question. Suddenly, the door opened and the room was filled with light from a candle. Lady Macbeth came out of the shadow and walked past them silently. The doctor asked why she was carrying a candle, and the maid responded that she fears darkness. The doctor can see the open eyes of Lady Macbeth but she was sleeping. Lady Macbeth put her hands together as if she was washing them. The maid explained that she was has do that before. Then lady Macbeth starts to speak about her hands that weren't clean, the doctor put his hands on lady Macbeth's forehead and she had a high temperature. Finally, she said in a terrified voice that Banquo was dead and that she must go to bed and she went to her bedroom. The doctor tells her if her husband tries to help her but the maid says that they live in different places and don't care about her. The doctor tells her that there was no medicine for a broken heart or guilty conscience and that the maid needs to take care of her.
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