July  21, 2022

Episode 8: Chapter 8

On the following day, Capitan Rose sees his cousin Lady Macduff and tells her that her husband decide to travel to England, Lady Macduff couldn’t understand why her husband do that, Rose try to comfort her. Finally, Capitan Rosse lives and promises to return, Lady Macduff went to the window and watched Rosse live. Her son Angus heard the conversation and he told to her mother to don't worry and that he is the man of the family now. Then she heard a knock at the door and a messenger hurried in, he say to Lady Macduff that she need to run away with her children, Lady Macduff was scared and say she doesn't have enemies and she won't go anywhere. then she tries to calm her children but three strange men entered whit daggers in their hands and hoods over their heads. One man asks for his husband and says he was a traitor but his son Angus defends the name of her father and stabbed the little boy through his heart and then the three men murdered Lady Macduff and all her children. Later Macduff and his followers reached England and were sitting with Edward the English king, they were planning to regain the throne of Scotland for Malcolm and they knew they had to capture Macbeth and take revenge for the horrifying murders he committed. When they were talking there was a knock at the door and Rosse entered the room, Macduff ask why he was there and after no concrete replay, he started asking for her wife and finally Rosse say that they kill his wife and children. Macduff fell into the chair and started regretting it, but he raised his head, dries his eyes, and says that they need to destroy Macbeth and save Scotland.
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