June  14, 2022

Episode 6: Chapter 6

Macbeth doesn't tell about his plan to his wife because people could suspect she was implicated too. However, Lady Macbeth noticed how nervous he was, so they started discussing the death of the king. Lady Macbeth was sure that her husband was suffering more than just a guilty conscience, so she inferred he was hiding something from her. She stops talking about that and informs her husband about the guests they will have. Not far away from the castle were the three murderers, waiting for Banquo and Fleance to pass by. The murderer kills Banquo. They inform Macbeth that Fleance is still alive, and his face turns white. Macbeth hurried downstairs to greet his guest. Lady Macbeth was already entertaining the visitors. Macbeth entered the room with Rosse and Lenux and welcomed his guests. Suddenly, the ghost of Banquo entered the hall. Only Macbeth could see it. Macbeth fell to the floor. The ghost disappeared. His guests looked alarmed. Lady Macbeth noticed there was something wrong with their husband and said he has strange visions. Macbeth ignored what his wife was saying and continued to stare at the empty chair. Macbeth started to shout, saying there was a ghost. Lady Macbeth seeing all the commotion dismisses all the guests and suggests her husband sleep.
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