June  14, 2022

Episode 6: Chapter 5

Macbeth woke to the sound of Macduff and Capitan Lenux. They said to Macbeth that they would wake his majesty. Moments later, they came back in great shock, telling that the King was dead and someone had murdered him in the night. When Lady Macbeth appeared and asked what was happening, they told her that the king was dead. Macbeth blames the guards, saying they still have the dagger in their hands and blood on their faces. Furious Macbeth says he will take revenge. After saying this, Lady Macbeth suddenly faints and they carry Lady Macbeth out of the room. Malcon and Donalbain start to question what they will do. They plan to separate so the person who kills their father doesn't find them. The news of the king's death circulated quickly and some rumors were spread, like the sons of Ducan go away, Macbeth had crowed to the king. At night, Capitan Rosse was on guard outside Macbeth's castle and established a conversation with an old man. Banquo starts having a conversation with himself where he thinks about the prophecies of the witches and how they became true. In another part of the castle, Macbeth was walking nervously. He offered the poor man an important job, and he realized that he needed to murder Ducan. The three poor men enter the room, and Macbeth entrusts them to kill Banquo and his son in exchange for making them rich.
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