May  19, 2022

Episode 5: Chapter 4

Lady Macbeth greets the king and his sons. Then they look around their castle, and they eat dinner. While lady Macbeth whose entertaining the king Macbeth was between excitement and shame having a lot of thinks in his mind, then he hears his wife approaching Macbeth saw anger and consternation on her wife's face, and they have a discussion where Lady Macbeth says he was a coward also say to he if hi was a real man hi should do it, her plan was to wait for the king to sleep, wring the wards some wine and Macbeth enter to the room and kill the King, Macbeth was amazed of the courage of her wife and determination, he made the decision to make the plan an kill the king. Lady Macbeth does what was supposed to do and Macbeth kills the king while he was sleeping, Lady Macbeth reproach Macbeth because he doesn't let the dagger with the guards, and has blood in his hand so Lady Macbeth finishes the work.
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