May  19, 2022

Episode 4: Chapter 3

Lady Macbeth had received the letter from her husband when she was in her bedroom when she was reading the letter she imagine the three strange witches and deep in her thought Imagined she was talking to her husband, after all these thoughts she walked to open the window and heard the sound of a raven, then they knocked on the door and say to her that King Ducan was on his way to the castle and wants to stay there, so she orders to prepare a banquet, and when the messenger goes out she starts to pray. After that, she heard the steps of Macbeth she stood up and kiss her husband and establish a conversation, she say that he will need to ack nice and the kill the king, immediately Macbeth shouted and say he would never do that, but Lady Macbeth star saying that she would prepare everything and she leaves her husband alone shocked and confused.
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