May  19, 2022

Episode 3: Chapter 2

Banquo and Macbeth rode their horses slowly through the countryside dreaming of home, and they saw strange creatures pointing their finger at them and they stop, Banquo approached them and he greets the witches and ask them some questions but the witches ignore him and approach Macbeth and tell him some predictions about he becoming the king of Scotland also they say that Banquo’s children will be the kings but he won’t have any, Macbeth was shocked and his friend notices it and when the witches disappear Macbeth was looking for the answers of that predictions. they continue their way toward Kings Ducan's palace both stay quiet for a wail and Banquo broke the silence asking about the witches, Macbeth tells him the prediction they make making them get very confused about the purpose of that predictions.
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