August  1, 2022

Episode 10: Chapter 11

While Malcolm was clearly and calmly giving orders, Macbeth was shouting at his men. Macbeth doesn´t show that he was afraid of the army approaching, he suspects everyone of being a traitor. That night, he was surprised to hear a deathly cry so he ask Seyton to see what was, Seyton say that it was probably a woman afraid of her children. Macbeth star remembers what he does and when he looks himself at the mirror he says nothing can affect him. Soon Seyton returns and says to Macbeth that his wife was dead, Macbeth stared at Seyton for a long moment and he asks Syton to go, and no emotions came out of him. Macbeth went to his bedroom and fell into an agitated sleep, he weak up by the sound of a knocking, a messenger say nervously to Macbeth that Birdman Wood star to move, Macbeth say he was a liar but the messenger say that they were soldiers behind the branches and Macduff brought an army to kill him. At that moment Macbeth remembers the witches' prophecy. Macbeth turn to the messenger and said that he saw a vision, where a bloody child told him that no man born from a woman would hurt him.
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