August  1, 2022

Episode 10: Chapter 10

Macduff returns to Scotland with Malcolm and his uncle Siward. The news of their arrival traveled quickly and reach the Scottish army. Menteth and Angus, stationed not far from the castle, they were talking about Macduff's arrival and the order they have to meet them. Also, they say that Macbeth was a brave soldier. In the castle, Macbeth was like a mad man, his state of mind kept changing. Them a servant knocked on Macbeth’s bedroom and say to him that he was some news, he said that some soldiers were coming to kill him but Macbeth take a book and throw it at the servant asking about what soldiers. The servant replied that the English army was coming and ran from the room. Them Seyton came in and tell to Macbeth that the servant was correct. Them downstairs Macbeth saw the doctor and ask why he was there, the doctor replay that he come to see the queen who was very agitated, but Macbeth don’t care about it. Not far from Dunsiname Castle, Malcolm was consulting with his uncle Siward. Then Menteth inform them what was happening in the castle, after the information. Malcolm said that he was a plan to look like they has more men.
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