Audio summary of the book Macbeth


Audio summary of the book Macbeth
A podcast by Jesus Gonzalez
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June  6, 2022

Episode 5: The death of a king

In this chapter all the town finds out about the death of the king, but no one knows who was the murderer. Macbeth became the king of scotland how the witches says. What is going to happened now?
May  17, 2022

Episode 4: A Royal Visit

In chapter number 4 the king visits Macbeth's castle because he is the new Lord of Cawdor but his wife want to be queen and lets see if his plan to kill the king works or no
May  17, 2022

Episode 3: Lady Macbeth Idea

In this chapter lady Macbeth wants to kill the king because she wants to be the queen and Macbeth the king immediately. Let's see if her plan works.
May  17, 2022

Episode 2: Strange Prophecies

In the second chapter the witches appear front of macbeth telling him what is coming to her life and then they disappear in the dark forest.
May  17, 2022

Episode 1: News of the Battle

In the first chapter, the author introduce the 3 witches describing their appereance also they introduce the battle in which Macbeth is the main character.
May  11, 2022

Episode 0: Introduction

Here is the introduction of the book "Macbeth"
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