Agosto  9, 2021

Oblivion #1

Juan Carlos Sánchez Ballesta is a poet from San Juan Nepomuceno, Colombia; who writes poems about love, passion, oblivion, sadness, remembrance, and praising. He´s got a collection of 10 oblivion poems.
Oblivion #1 was taken from the original book: Antología poetas de San Juan Nepomuceno. Reunidos a la sombra de un tamarindo (Buelvas Sierra, Pedro José. 2014)
Translation: Tania Castro Núñez

00:00:00 - Good evening! Tonight I will recite a poem written by Juan Carlos Sanchez Ballesta, a poet from San Juan

00:00:15 - Nepomuceno, Colombia, her rightful love, passion, oblivion, sadness, remembrance, and praising.

00:00:25 - He's got a collection of ten Oblivion poems, which were taken from the original book

00:00:33 - Antología Poetas de San Juan Nepomuceno, reunidos a la sombra de un tamarindo, written by Pedro José Vuelvo Sierra, and translated by Tania Castro Núñez.

00:00:49 - Oblivion number one

00:00:52 - These days that seems to me being so gloomy and overwhelming, the arousal of your memories eject my crystal heart, my tears are falling down, like petals forfeited at the distance, and along the way I keep gathering the cramps of your fallen kisses.

00:01:18 - I ask the wind, where are you?

00:01:22 - On the poplar tree's reply, she is gone, such a fragrance of wallflower bouquet that has scented my water or soul.

00:01:33 - Your passion, my buddy, has banished from my hands.

00:01:39 - It has slipped as drink water.

00:01:42 - I ask, seclusion, where about you?

00:01:49 - I take refuge in the Psalms and ask God, where is she?

00:01:54 - And he replies, I have her, before you wear, under the fig tree.