Abril  29, 2021

El Catalina

El poeta costumbrista Pedro José Buelvas Sierra de San Cayetano Bolívar, pero San Juanero de corazón, nos deleita con su poema El catalina haciéndole homenaje a un arroyo que otrora fuera un deleite sinigual. Tomado de Antología poetas de San Juan Nepomuceno reunidos a la sombra de un tamarindo (Buelvas Sierra, Pedro 2014)

Catalina stream

Streams of my town with a beautiful and brunette woman's name where white flowers blossom angel trumpet flowers hanging on vines waters of my stream as a symbolic fountain where Rebecca drew water for the sweltering Isaac to quench his thirst. Along the shores

during clear moon nights In ancient times pretty women drew water with jars inspiring love Did Catalina stream overflow? It goes through “El Salado” village with its Blazing power With its hustle and bustle It awakens Alfredo Lara, the singer, who quietly rests in the arms of his beloved Selene

Then he accompanies singing verses to Catalina Catalina stream gets steady to serve the town of San Juan with its waters Singer, are you the bird that sings in its shores? The joyful blackbird tipped over their nests and went away mud remains from its puddles of water the tiny snails that we chased in our childhood were so humble.

They moved along the sand climbing up through the roots Looking at the dragonflies, damselflies and saddlebags that flew over the water They are like the remembrance of the girlfriend who has gone Time flies, it doesn’t come back.

Retrieved from: Antología poetas e San Juan Nepomuceno reunidos a la sombra de un tamarindo written by Pedro José Buelvas Sierra (2014) and translated by Tania Castro Núñez