October  12, 2022


En el uso de una lengua extranjera, es importante saber aplicar y utilizar el vocabulario para afianzar la competencia comunicativa, por tal razón, la presente evidencia tiene como finalidad la producción verbal en inglés y con esto fortalecer su pronunciación.
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00:00:00 - Angie, hello, Good Astronomr, Mr. Juan Juan, Good Astronomr, Mr. Angie, let's start define in the estranged in the route Joanna, Good Astronomr, I have the possible routes we can use to transport the cargo. Angie, perfect, let's get to work.

00:00:30 - Joana, we got production points in different cities Cali, Bogota and Medellin.

00:00:37 - Juan, we must decay into corn in the state in the roads.

00:00:44 - Angie, no, no problem, we have a rolling system.

1. What is this about?

2. Angie, this computer is too tight contributes in specialist decision making in transport logistics activity.

3. Joanna, this application helps to tracks the merchandise.

00:01:11 - Juan, excellent partners, leave choice in Rory's software to provide or transport rejects

00:01:20 - Johanna, good station with every which you, Mr. Juan, with system or customer will be very satisfied with the delivery times of the merchandise.

00:01:39 - Juan, list about times in hours of travel.

00:01:45 - Juan, I am with two children, you day following table with wish day information.

00:01:56 - Juan, these are the duties, Cali, Barranquilla, Bogota, Barranquilla, Medellin, Barranquilla.

00:02:05 - Joanna, see that the bears auctioned to distribute the products in Barranquilla.

00:02:17 - Angie, very good Mr. Joanna, explain please.

00:02:24 - Juan, this road is the bear's auction in the Thames of Thine and Spanx.

00:02:32 - Angie, what's the say about the Medellin to Barranquilla root?

00:02:42 - Joanna, I find this very interesting and this benefits itself.

00:02:50 - Angie, are we all in agreement with the points this coach?

00:02:56 - Juan, Pats.

00:02:58 - Joana, paths. Angie, perfect, appropriate. Angie, excellent friends, it was a pleasure.

00:03:11 - Juan, thank you. Joana, goodbye. Angie, goodbye.

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