Noviembre  12, 2018

024: Alimentos Que Debes Evitar Si Tienes Diabetes Tipo 2

Uno de mis menos favoritas cosas, es decirles a mis pacientes lo que no deben comer.

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Episode cover: 024: Alimentos Que Debes Evitar Si Tienes Diabetes Tipo 2

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00:00:30 - Today we will talk about the foods that you should avoid daily if you have diabetes type 2.

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00:00:39 - We are presenting

00:00:41 - Cherry Therapy and Diabetes

00:00:44 - Hello, allow me to introduce myself.

00:00:46 - I'm Cherry Mercedes, family therapist and educator in diabetes.

00:00:51 - One of my least favorite things is to tell my patients what they should not eat.

because I like to focus on positive aspects and educate my patients about the great amount of good foods that you can eat. But sometimes it seems to me that some people are grateful when they are told that certain foods are out of limits.

00:01:18 - The types of foods that I consider out of limits can surprise you because what people think that is healthy, it can not always be the best option. Some of these foods are evident, since they contain added sugars, for example, candies, cookies, gaseous, etc. Other foods that must also be avoided are the rich foods in carbon dioxide and or the sugar with the limited fiber and que carecen de la nutricion como vitaminas y minerales aquí les voy a mencionar algunos ejemplos para que tenga lo tenga bien presente vamos a hablar de los panes integral aunque estos tipos de panes son integrales eso no quiere decir que tienen menos hidratos de carbono que los blancos un pan es equivalente a comerse alrededor de 4 a 6 rebanadas de pan pepín como is called in our country, the Dominican Republic, which means that it is very high in carbohydrates and can raise sugar in the blood. Pans are also poor in the filling of fiber and proteins.

00:02:34 - Therefore, it is likely that it will be hungry a couple of hours after eating, which can negatively impact on its levels of sugar in the blood and weight.

00:02:47 - To make this a healthier option, decide to eat half bread and the top part of a pair of boiled egg whites and a vegetable of your choice. My favorite combination is the of three eggs whites with half avocado and half a cup of spinach. This adds proteins, fibers and healthy fats. Some studies suggest that in a larger breakfast, richer in protein and higher in fat, it can help reduce A1C, which is the blood test that measures the blood sugar level in the blood for the last three months.

00:03:34 - When choosing a snack, it is better to choose the foods that are rich in fiber and protein.

00:03:41 - For example, a apple with honey butter or carrots with hummus.

00:03:48 - Dry fruits. Even without sugar, listen well, dry fruits, especially the dry fruits that are filled with yogurt or chocolate, in another way they are loaded with sugar for a very small portion, porque la fruta seca se condensa. La porción debe ser muy pequeña. Una porción de uvas pasa es de solo dos cucharadas. Cuando sea posible, escuche bien, es mejor comer la fruta entera y limitar sus porciones de dos a tres máximo por día. Aprenda también a incorporar las frutas in your food plan. Let's talk about the margarine. Not all margarines are created the same. The intention of the margarine is to reduce the saturated fat and calories. However, some margarines are elaborated with partially hydrogenated oil. Avoid trans fats, since it acts in a similar way to saturated fats. When choosing a margarine, make sure to read the label.

00:05:05 - If the label says hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated, you must avoid it. The goal is to spread the whole bread with alternatives to healthy fats for the heart, such as el aguacate y la mantequilla de nueces.

00:05:24 - Pregunta del día, ya sabías cuáles alimentos evitar si tienes diabetes?

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00:05:52 - Cherry, terapias y diabetes

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