Podnation - Plans and pricing

Simple pricing and no surprises

A plan designed to meed your needs. Podnation provides you with tools to manage, distribute, share and grow your podcast, from your first listener to your first million.

Free plan

All the tools and services you need to start your podcast with no strings attached.


monthly dollars

A payment per year of $0USD

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Core features

  • Host 1 Podcast
  • 20 Episodes per podcast
  • RSS compatible with any directory
  • 5,000 downloads per month
  • With Podnation publicity

Web page:

  • 1 basic design for your website
  • HTTPS security certificate
  • Podnation publicity on your website
  • Podnation watermark

Marketing tools:

  • 1 Audiogram to share
  • Podcasts basics analytics

Premium plan

Build your community of followers and explore ways to interact and monetize with it.


monthly dollars

A payment per year of $24USD

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Core features:

  • Host unlimited Podcasts
  • Unlimited episodes per Podcast
  • RSS compatible with any directory
  • Unlimited monthly downloads
  • HD quality for your audio
  • Without Podnation Publicity

Web page:

  • Custom domain per podcast
  • Library of designs for your website
  • HTTPS security certificate
  • Space for notes in each episode
  • Without visible publicity on your website
  • Without Podnation watermark

Marketing tools:

  • Unlimited audiograms to share
  • Advanced analytics for your shows
  • Tools to built your community
  • Automatic Newsletter


  • Technical support via email
  • Assited migration of your content

The world deserves to hear your voice

If you have any other question send us an email at [email protected] or comment on any of our social networks. We would love to chat with you!

Frequently asked questions

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you are not obligated to stay with Podnation. Simply email us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to help you cancel any recurring charges.

What if I want to move my podcast to another location?

If you need to move your show to another service or platform, just send us an email at [email protected] and we will help you redirect your RSS feed to your new hosting and let all directories know about this change so they can update.

Are there other payments besides my subscription?

No, absolutely NOT! Your content is not owned by us. Podnation does NOT alter your audios in any way. If you want to monetize your podcast we can accompany you in the process, but nothing will be done without your consent.

Can I import my podcast from another platform?

Yes, if you have a Premium Plan, we can help you bring your podcast from any other platform, to help you send us an email to [email protected] requesting this help and confirming the email with which you have your Premium Plan active with Podnation.

Why should I pay to host my podcast if I have the free option?

For several reasons. First, because by paying for a hosting platform you help make the world of podcasters bigger, more solid, more innovative and offer a better service. Second, because Podnation, in particular, is much more than just hosting. It is a community that constantly accompanies you and that does so with one of the lowest prices in the entire market. And, third, because the Free Plan is a great starting point, but with the Premium Plan you will have many specific features to improve your content and rank faster.

Will ads run on my podcast without my permission?

It is possible, if you have a Free Plan you will have Podnation advertising at the beginning or end of your episodes, but if you have an active Premium Plan you will not have advertising of any kind, neither in your audios nor on your pages. In any case, your content is not our property. Podnation does NOT alter your audios in any way we just add information to the beginning or end of your audios.

Do all plans allow me to distribute my podcasts to directories?

Yes. Immediately after you create your podcasts in Podnation they are ready to listen to in the application of your choice. All our plans offer you the direct publication of your content on platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or in any other directory.