Improve your company culture with your team's voices

Don't let anyone miss out on the latest company events! With an internal podcast everyone will be connected.

An internal podcast is what your culture needs

Increase your team`s confidence

Your team will trust the company if they can hear the voices of their colleagues, understand the company culture and, more importantly, if they are constantly informed.

Productivity comes first

With an internal podcast you avoid the million meetings and calls, typical of many companies, and the loss of time due to communication problems. With a single kick-off call and an internal podcast, your information will be crystal clear.

Create an inclusive culture

The most important news of the company will reach all the people you want, even those who are in other places, time zones or who work for different areas. There is no excuse for not being informed!

Strengthen your team's abilities

Your team will hear what is really valuable and useful for them from the official sources. There will no longer be misinterpretations or confusion. The podcast will make them understand first-hand how the company is doing and how it is projected.

How do we do it?

Asynchronous interviews

Our unique method of collecting audio for remote workers keeps meetings to a minimum.

Professional post-production

Our team handles the editing, proofreading and sound engineering. Your audios will always have professional quality.

Distribution and metrics

With Podnation you will have your own microsite. You'll find transcripts, notes, complementary files, illustrations, and everything else in one place, so you can focus solely on analyzing your metrics and continuing to improve your company culture.

3 formats for your podcasts


A format that rethinks the classic internal newsletter via email and that proposes, instead, great pieces of audio, fast and informative, with the most important news of your company.


A podcast to tell stories and narrate in depth. No more tedious entry documents and overwhelming induction information! Better a podcast for onboarding, training, induction or internal instructions.


A format of interviews with the leaders of the company and with the key people in each area, in which they can share their experiences, vision and put their knowledge in an audio for all to hear.

The world deserves to hear your voice

If you have any other question send us an email at [email protected] or comment on any of our social networks. We would love to chat with you!